16 Great Library Scenes in Film

And because I am who I am, it got me thinking about great movie library scenes that already exist. At first, I thought the list would be pretty short, but you know what? Hollywood loves a library. Some combination of ambiance, seclusion, hidden knowledge, and the sheer beauty of shelves upon shelves of books make libraries a fantastic film setting.

Here are my sixteen favorite:


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The Librarian

No one mentioned the Librarian movies. That library has the Fountain of Youth and Pandora's Box. Favorite scene is either the one where Flynn Carson is interviewing for the position or the one where Bob Newhart is walking through the Fountain of Youth.

Maybe they didn't mention them for good reason

Are bad films that is based in Libraries and around Librarians better than a small Library scene in a good movie?

Usually I'd agree...

But Party Girl? Come on!

You're a Big Boy Now

Too bad this fine little movie's been generally forgotten. Great cast, directed by Coppola, great music by the Lovin' Spoonful...and some of it's set in NYPL, as the hero is a page there (and his father, I think, is an official).

best library scene is in Goodbye, Columbus

pretty sure there is a scene where the librarian refuses to let a kid into the library because kids cause trouble. oh, for the days when the library wanted to keep people *out* of the library (and could).

City of Angels

I enjoyed the library scenes in this movie. I like the idea of angels just hanging around a library so they can soak up human knowledge.

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