Advertising in Libraries? Considering the Consequences

Continuing budget issues may push more libraries toward exploring these ideas, though the concept is a bit controversial in library-land. Some in the library world fear that inadvertent censorship may arise out of the practice, and there are also those who would like to see libraries remain advertising-free public spaces. In these tough economic times, though, the idea appears to be gaining some traction


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Cake books

In the comments to the article there was this comment -- Also where will it end, will we have libraries advertising fast food chains but at the same time stocking books on healthy living, it's a runaway train and the quicker we apply the brakes the better.

Response: So, a library has books on healthy living? They also probably have books on making chocolate cake. How do we manage with that dichotomy?

not sure but

...maybe there's such a thing as healthy chocolate cake?

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