Another Student Suicide at NYU's Bobst Library

Huffington Post reports that a New York University student was found dead in the school's main library this morning shortly before 5 a.m.

Andrew Williams-Noble, a junior , is thought to have jumped to his death in Bobst Library, although the school has yet to confirm this. NYPD officials told simply that it was a "non-criminal" action.

The library was the scene of two suicides in 2003 which lead to the installation of protective panels along the railings to prevent further deaths.

An NYU spokesperson has issued a statement to the University community.


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Photo of inside Bobst Library

Photo of inside Bobst Library that shows high open areas in building.

That photo doesn't clearly show...

...that there is floor to ceiling plexiglass on each walkway. It was put up after the 2003 suicides. This guy seems to have snuck into the staff area on the top floor after hours.

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