Archetype: Killer Fantasy Librarian

I wish this were real. It'd actually make me buy the game. But I'm assuming it's an April Fool's joke.

But you can at least check out what it might be like if there were an archetype for a fantasy librarian character in a video game. He kills... he kills with books.

And you do not want him shushing people at your library... or perhaps you do. It all depends on your attitudes toward customer service!

Diablo III: Archivist.


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Well, Warhammer still has Librarians:

"The path to becoming a Librarian is a difficult one. Aspirants must not only be strong enough to survive their training, they must possess mental discipline strong enough to fend off the daemons and Warp creatures, as these beings see the enhanced form and mind of a Librarian as a rich prize for possession."

Blizzard is notorious for

Blizzard is notorious for their April Fool's jokes. But I'm going to take the Archivist concept art as my laptop background when I get home.

He kills... he kills with

He kills... he kills with books.
And when the cops catch him, they throw the book at him!

Look at some asian games for

Look at some asian games for people who really do kill with books. In Ragnarok Online my weapon was a book.

Not to mention

Read or Die/R.O.D. TV anime series. Paper weaponry.

There's a board game by

There's a board game by Flying Frog productions called "Touch of Evil" where one schoolmarm/librarian archetype character actually does become more and more badass by collecting books into her possession. Every single time I've played her I've been the one to defeat the monster.

(And they say gaming has no place in libraries. Up your shaft, Nebraska!)

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