Are You in Favor of a Joint ALA/BEA (BookExpo) Conference?


AFAIK, both conferences are profitable

Setting aside the properly-anonymous comment that sending librarians to ALA is a waste of money (a comment that I thoroughly disagree with), to the best of my knowledge, both Midwinter and Annual are profitable.

I also have to wonder why someone who doesn't give a damn about a poll finds it necessary to comment about not giving a damn. Is there a shortage of things to comment on lately? Say, maybe you could join the group telling me what topics in librarianship I should not care about! That sounds like fun!

ALA does not need 2 conferences a year

And a combined BEA/ALA conference should mean lower dues for ALA members (since funding that second conference must cost a fortune). Note I said SHOULD.


If more taxpayers understood the money wasted sending public librarians to ala conferences they would demand even more cuts to library budgets.

Missing option

Better yet, why is there not a "I could not care less/who gives a rodent's derriere" option?

that would be a comment

...not an option. Vote!!


Why isn't there just a "no" option?


added one

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