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LISTen Special Edition -- The Intersection of Librarianship and Politics

Originally the interview found in this special episode was supposed to air in the next regular episode. Being overtaken by events is never fun. As such the interview is being released in a special edition now.

Dr. Stanley Kurtz made an attempt to seek access to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge collection of documents at University of Illinois-Chicago. After initially being granted access, such was taken away. With conflicting answers Dr. Kurtz wrote a piece for National Review Online.

The production team contacted both the University of Illinois-Chicago as well as Dr. Kurtz. Dr. Kurtz responded to the request for an interview. The only contact from the University of Illinois-Chicago was to be told there was no statement and no comment.

In a case where we're left with only more questions, the interview is presented for consideration. The audio engineer's question that he requested be put is: was this incompetence or a bungled covering up?

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