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Tech for Techies #2

Welcome to the first week of the Tech for Techies class! To learn about where we are going we have to look at where we have been. This week we look at the history of broadcasting that preceded podcasting. We also take a moment to look at a bit of "audio snake oil" when it comes to the physics of cabling.

There is no homework for next week with the class. That won't always be the case, though.

Related links: reference to a history text on very early radio history in North America
New World Encyclopeda on conductivity
Jamestown Distributions on conductivity
Matthey SA on structure of copper
Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia on Electrical Conductivity (licensed content, requires access permissions)
MatWeb on alloying copper
IEEE publication abstract on copper properties
Lycos Retriever on Electrical Conductivity

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Tech for Techies #3

In this week's show we look at Needs Assessment and the questions you need to ask yourself. In Audio Snake Oil we continue our look at Oxygen Free Copper wires. Somehow a promo piece from Linux Outlaws pops up in the middle of things. Next week we will look at the structure of a podcast and planning a podcast.

The homework between now and next week is to think about the questions discussed in the episode and how you would answer them in launching an online media project.

Resources list promised in the episode:

Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Written for Yamaha by Gary Davis & Ralph Jones
Published by Hal Leonard Corp.
ISBN 0-88188-900-8

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting
By George Colombo & Curtis Franklin Jr.
Published by Que
ISBN 0-7897-3455-9

Podcasting Hacks
By Jack D. Herrington
Published by O’Reilly
ISBN 0-596-10066-3

Blogging Tips
By Lorelle VanFossen
Published by Splash Press
ISBN 978-1-4243-4361-4

Radio Drama Theory and Practice
By Tim Crook
Published by Routledge
ISBN 0-415-21603-6

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting
By J. Michael Straczynski
Published by Writers Digest Books
ISBN 13: 978-1-58297-158-2
ISBN 10: 1-58297-158-7

Church Production Magazine
Free subscription in the US with a church affiliation.

Tape Op Magazine
Free subscription in the US

200 Meters and Down
by Clinton B. DeSoto
Is an out-of-print text not in our collection but otherwise useful in considering where radio came from.

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Tech for Techies #4

This week's program talks about show structure. In the program we delve into component parts to think about in making a show. Many examples are given as other programs out there are referenced as examples. A list of links to those programs is given later in this post. Audio Snake Oil will return as part of the program next week.

Towards the end of the program we feature a number from the U.S. Army Field Band's Jazz Ambassadors, The Army Goes Rolling Along. You can find more downloads from the band as well as learn more about them at their website. On the web, they can be found at

Shows referenced:
TWiT Live
TV Squad Daily With Brigitte (now defunct)
Buzz Out Loud
CNET News Daily Podcast
Writer's Almanac
Uncontrolled Vocabulary (on hiatus)
Food Science with Dr. Kiki (presently defunct)
This Week in Science
This Week in Tech
FLOSS Weekly
CNET's Podcast Central

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Tech for Techies #5

This week we talk about the language used in podcasts and how it might differ. Three podcasts produced by the United States Government are aired in their entirety to provide examples. The programs from the FBI and NASA run one minute apiece while the segment from the Voice of America runs four minutes. After that we turn to discussing the mechanics of staffing a production and what the roles are in creating a show.

The episodes of the last three weeks were designed to make you think and consider what goes into the making of a podcast. Think about it and make the decisions that are right for you.

If you have any questions for us, you can send them to and we will give it our best answer.

Thanks for listening and for your support.

Related links:
VOA Special English Podcasts
NASA Moments Podcast
Federal Bureau of Investigation Podcasts
Buzz Out Loud #930

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Tech for Techies #6

Simply put, this week is an info dump. Quite a lot of material about hardware is covered this week. From computers to microphones to mixers, we provide an overview of these matters. There are not necessarily philosophical matters to consider but instead nuts and bolts logistics.

Related links to learn more about some of the products mentioned are provided below. Next week, we'll be looking at audio, copyrights and legalities, and planning ahead versus fixing it in post-production.

In support of this episode, we offer this look at part of the recording space:
A Studio Space?

Related links:
Tapco Mixers
Rode Microphones
MXL Microphones
Audio-Technica Microphones
Mackie Mixers
Yamaha Mixers
CAD Microphones
Behringer Mixers
Shure Microphones
Contact e-mail address if you have questions

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Tech for Techies #8

Tech for Techies #8

In this episode we are giving you what the audio hardware is that we use and what it costs. This is the hardware that we are using to do the podcast.

From Radio Shack:
2 each  3ft Gold Series Stereo Y-Cable, Phono plugs to 1/8” Jack
	Model: 42-2550      Catalog#: 42-2550     $7.49 
2 each   Mono Phone Jack to ¼” Mono Plug Adapter (2-pack)
	Model: 274-320      Catalog#: 274-320     $5.49
1 each   Gold-Plated Inline 1/8” Mini-Jack Coupler
	Model: 274-886      Catalog#: 274-886     $5.99
1 each	3-Ft. 1/8” Stereo Plug Cable
	Model: 42-223	        Catalog#: 42-223       $6.49
1 each	JVC HA-RX300 Full Size Headphones  (on line only)
	Model: HARX300  Catalog#: 55027856   $19.99

From Musician’s Friend
1 each	Behringer EURORACK UB802 Mixer
1 each	MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount
1 each	Mogami Silver Series Microphone Cable
1 each	Musicians Gear Pop Filter
1 each	Musicians Gear Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom
From Fry’s Electronics
1 each	Turtle Beach Riviera 5.1 Soundcard

TOTAL (before Taxes)                                       $271.31

We are taking a week off to work on show ideas and scripts. The next Tech for Techies Episode # 9 will air on April 25. Thank you for listening. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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