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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #15

This week's episode brings interviews with Great Western Dragon and Don Reisinger. Great Western Dragon, otherwise known as Dr. Daniel Messer, related his experience with the Virtual Conference part of PLA 2008 National. Don Reisinger chatted about tech issues in society. Although a commentary was planned it was cut due to time.

At the end of the podcast a specific invitation is given. There is discussion of having a live call-in segment be taped in the week ahead. The night for such is tentatively set for April 4th. Five listeners at a minimum must call LISTen's production team to signify their willingness and intent to participate. If at least five listeners are heard from by a specific point then details on how to participate will be posted to LISNews. Time conversions will be available in the links to find out when things are set to happen even if not in Las Vegas. Contact numbers include:

+1 702 425 8547 (United States of America)
+61 03 9018 6749 (Australia)
+64 03 669 0425 (New Zealand)
+44 02895 81 2554 (United Kingdom)

My status (Skype for anybody who does not want to or cannot call by phone)

Links to things referenced:
Twitter of Great Western Dragon
Twitter of Don Reisinger
PLA 2008 Virtual Conference
An example from Jeff Macpherson of a "Rickroll"
How to determine what Stephen means time-wise for the call deadline
How to determine what Stephen means time-wise as to when he plans the live call-in segment taping

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