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LISten- The LISNews Podcast: Episode #4

The fourth episode of the six episode trial season has a surpise in store.

After the special guest opening we have a breakdown of top stories and blog posts. A special report is given at the end about the upcoming analog to digital switch-over that television broadcasting in the United States will soon face.

Links to some of the items mentioned on the podcast:
What Do You Want To Read About On LISNews In 2008?
LIS Future:A Library Mentor and Leadership Development Wiki
JK Rowling drops hints of possible eighth Harry Potter book
A Misplacement of Vigilance
Cites & Insights 8:1 available
Death to the term "blogosphere"!
NTIA website concerning the switch to digital TV

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LISten- The LISNews Podcast: Episode #5

We continue this week with the fifth episode to the six episode trial season. Top stories were highlighted and a web pick was given. A request for feedback was also made.

Links to items referred to in the episode

Cookbook Author Sues Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld for Copyright Infringement and Defamation
Sonora's public library closing book on feral cat flap
I got a job!
Raffaele Farina is Now a Cardinal
Have You Been LISTening? How Do We Sound? -- Blake's request for comments and feedback about the show
The LISten Trial Season Review Survey -- Allow us to learn who our audience is

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LISten- The LISNews Podcast: Episode #6

The last episode of the trial season has arrived! Murphy's Law had somewhat held back production which results in the later than normal posting. [Updated at 1133 PST by StephenK: I almost forgot to mention there is a special guest appearing in this episode. There is no blog post related to that appearance. To learn who the special guest is you have to listen]

Links to items referred to in the episode
LISNews: The LISNews 10 Blogs To Read In 2008
LISNews: 10 Non-Librarian Blogs To Read?
LISNews: Making This List Gives Me Stress
LISNews: Facebook Asked to Remove "Scrabulous"
Annoyed Librarian: Failure to Report
Stephen's Lighthouse: It's Not Very Old
LISNews: Steve Jobs: People don't read anymore.
engadget: Sprint announces massive layoffs, store closings amid subscriber defection

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LISTen for 1 February 2008

Even though LISTen is still supposed to be on hiatus the story Thursday morning relative to Amazon's acquisition of Audible created a stir.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #8

This week's episode brings interviews with Blake Carver and Boston Public Library's Scott Colford on the FSF DRM Protests this weekend, and more.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #9

This week's episode brings a commentary relative to a recent article in Library Journal and podcasting tips from the audio engineer. To support further episodes and help ensure that they are released on-time, donations are graciously appreciated and items are available for purchase. Comments are appreciated via e-mail.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #10

This week's edition of LISTen brings two interviews about cataloging and use of things born digital. I talk with Steven Bowers The Director of Detroit Area Network (DALNET) at Wayne State University who oversees a project that catalogs Youtube videos, and Michael Sauers Technology Innovation Librarian at The Nebraska Library Commission to talk about Cataloging Creative Commons materials. I finish up this week with a commentary inspired by John Berry in which I ask where has the magic of the library gone?
Links referred to:
Detroit Area Library Network Catalog where YouTube videos might be discovered
Mahalo Daily tutorial on Creative Commons licensing
Boing Boing: Library starts to include CC licensed editions of books in collection
Nebraska Library Commission Blog post relative to the Creative Commons project

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #11

The podcast this week brings two interviews. One interview is with Connie Crosby about PodCamp Toronto and lessons for librarianship. The other interview is with tech columnist Don Reisinger about technology use. A note at the end explains why episode twelve will be different and invites listener responses.

Links to matters referenced:
Connie Crosby's blog
PodCamp Toronto
Don Reisinger's blog
Contact details for Team LISTen

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #12

This week's episode of LISTen brings a panel discussion with Andrea Mercado, Aaron Schmidt, and Nate Hill about the case of librarianship perhaps becoming less complex work. A quick look at the zeitgeist was also included at the start of the episode.

Links to blogs of panel participants:
Andrea Mercado
Aaron Schmidt
Nate Hill

Update: 3/11 Andrea has Posted some thoughts on the podcast: "This story is a tangled mess of issues that exemplifies our profession today"

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #13

This week's edition of LISTen is helmed by the show's audio engineer, Mike Kellat, and brings two interviews as well as a feature. The Shadow Minister for Education in the Australian state of Victoria, Martin Dixon, talked to Stephen Kellat about recent literacy initiatives there. Participants from Uncontrolled Vocabulary spoke to Stephen about their views of podcasting. Mike presented another edition of Tech for Techies about the mechanics of production. Contributions were also sought in the episode.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #14

This week's episode includes an interview and a commentary. Josh Neff of Johnson County Library spoke with Stephen Kellat and Connie Crosby about Library Camp Kansas. The commentary was presented by Stephen Kellat relative to recent news and contained his analysis.

Links referred to:
Library Camp Kansas
Library Camp Syracuse
OPAL - Online Programming for All Libraries
The Daily Telegraph
Josh Neff's site
Connie Crosby's site
Site of Michael Sauers

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A Special Message

Even though not quite an episode, the message relates to a step LISTen wants to take in expanding reach.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #15

This week's episode brings interviews with Great Western Dragon and Don Reisinger. Great Western Dragon, otherwise known as Dr. Daniel Messer, related his experience with the Virtual Conference part of PLA 2008 National. Don Reisinger chatted about tech issues in society. Although a commentary was planned it was cut due to time.

At the end of the podcast a specific invitation is given. There is discussion of having a live call-in segment be taped in the week ahead. The night for such is tentatively set for April 4th. Five listeners at a minimum must call LISTen's production team to signify their willingness and intent to participate. If at least five listeners are heard from by a specific point then details on how to participate will be posted to LISNews. Time conversions will be available in the links to find out when things are set to happen even if not in Las Vegas. Contact numbers include:

+1 702 425 8547 (United States of America)
+61 03 9018 6749 (Australia)
+64 03 669 0425 (New Zealand)
+44 02895 81 2554 (United Kingdom)

My status (Skype for anybody who does not want to or cannot call by phone)

Links to things referenced:
Twitter of Great Western Dragon
Twitter of Don Reisinger
PLA 2008 Virtual Conference
An example from Jeff Macpherson of a "Rickroll"
How to determine what Stephen means time-wise for the call deadline
How to determine what Stephen means time-wise as to when he plans the live call-in segment taping

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #16

This week's episode bring an interview with Liana Lehua of, a commentary, and another installment of Tech for Techies. Lehua's efforts at Podango include producing shows like The Apple Phone Show as well as contributing to the Girls Gone Geek podcast. She provides a unique perspective in this episode of how Web 2.0 tech can be used in today's world.

Related links: website
The coversheet for reaching the LISTen production team
Full details for contacting the LISTen production team
Link for donating to support LISTen production

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #17

Recognizing that Computers in Libraries 2008 just ended, this episode of LISTen brings a little lighter fare. The production engineer brings a new installment of Tech for Techies with a subject of showmanship. Two musical numbers by the Breakneck All-stars are presented. The episode finishes off with an audio essay entitled, "Define 'Anglosphere'."

A live segment recording session is planned for the morning of April 19th at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time. A time zone converter is available online to help determine what the time is where you are for participating. Further details will be posted later in the week.

Donations to support LISTen are appreciated. Goods are available for purchase through Lulu to support podcast production. A recent blog post by the show's writer/presenter helps explain some of the behind-the-scenes matters in producing the podcast.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #18

This week's episode was an attempt at recording live with a chance for listener participants. Some times it helps, though, to remember to actually hit record on the audio recorder even if the live stream itself is recording. The recording of both takes can be found at: This week's episode was a live discussion of bridging the digital divide from the perspective of the United States.

The episode served as a test for libraries who wanted to see how such technology could be utilized without investing a ton of money. While not easy, this might provide a practical example for consideration.

To donate support funds in a one-off manner, clicking the relevant link below will take you to PayPal where all you need is a credit card:



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To spread out support over a three month period, the links below may help:



New Zealand


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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #19

This week's episode brings a conversation with John C. Dvorak, a Vice President at "new media" company Mevio. The discussion revolved around technology and how it might impact libraries. An announcement was also made at the end of the program relative to a possible meeting.

Related links:
Mevio's website
The tech5 program presented by Mr. Dvorak
Weekly show, referenced in the podcast, hosted by Mr. Dvorak
Twitter of John C. Dvorak
Twitter of the host of LISTen
New presence on Pownce by the host of LISTen
The Contact Form referenced at the end of the program

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #20

This week's episode may seem truncated perhaps. Due to continuing work emergencies faced at the host's day job, a thirty minute episode was not possible. This week's episode featured a chat with Blake Carver about his new project, LISWire. The six month anniversary of LISTen was also noted.

Related links:
Contact details as well as links to donate supporting funds

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #21

This week's episode has a bit of a Rod Serling inspired feel to it. As the podcast is not a video one, we can control neither the horizontal nor the vertical. We can present a different look at things, though.

The podcast opens with a zeitgeist check by the podcast audio production engineer. An interview with Blake Carver follows with the fifth installment of Tech for Techies soon thereafter. The podcast audio production engineer wrapped up the episode.

As to the nature of any potential Ghoulardi-inspired podcast, the production team has no known plans.

To contact Stephen via Skype, the button below may be useful:

Skype Me™!

To contact the production audio engineer, the Skype button below might be helpful:

Skype Me™!

Related links:
When to Say When
Your Big Wig

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #22

This week's episode brings another installment of Tech for Techies as well as a commentary and a word from the audio engineer. The episode ran short as we had to handle the loss of a previously planned interview. An administrative trivia note at the end of the episode noted that next week's episode will post at the usual time in the usual way notwithstanding there being a holiday in the United States.

If your library has something happening that you think the rest of the profession should know about, why not contact the LISTen team? The e-mail address for that is You can also call the team using the telephone numbers below:

+1 702 425 8547 (United States of America)
+61 03 9018 6749 (Australia)
+64 03 669 0425 (New Zealand)
+44 02895 81 2554 (United Kingdom)

The production team encourages calls from outside the United States from library folk who have perspectives, experiences, and news to share so that others do not "re-invent the wheel". We are able to cope with time zone differences to talk to folks just as much in Cleveland as in Australasia or the British Isles. All you have to do is ask and we then can see what we can do. The team is especially interested in hearing about how professional practice takes place in Commonwealth of Nations realms.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #23

This week's episode, while having somewhat of an AM radio feel due to the compression happening, brings an interesting mix. Interviews with librarians K. G. Schneider and Kathryn Greenhill are included in the episode. A commentary about Twitter comes in near the end with a unique suggestion that perhaps OCLC should buy Twitter out. Even though posted slightly late, this Memorial Day weekend edition of LISTen has plenty packed inside.

Related links:

Blog of K. G. Schneider
Blog of Kathryn Greenhill
Australian Library and Information Association website for Library and Information Week
Blog post about Twitter systems failure
Post by Ariel Waldman referenced in the commentary

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #24

This week's episode brings an interview with Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback about a recent Denial of Service incident they suffered. Another installment of Tech for Techies talks about lessons learned from the Revision3 incident and begins a discussion about the need to consider infrastructure. Although the production team is aware of the incident at Softlayer that not only affected multiple LISHost clients not to mention the Volokh Conspiracy group blog, this episode is not covering that. We are waiting until Episode #25 to do that perhaps.

Related links:
Blog post by Revision3 CEO about the attack
The podcast Stephen will be guest hosting

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #25

This week's episode features an interview by the podcast audio production engineer with Blake Carver as well as a commentary on the seemingly nebulous yet rather important topic of resilience.

[EDIT AT 2132 PDT] -- Read More

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #26

This week's episode talks about television, Usenet News, and online video-sharing.

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And now a word...

The audio file contains a special message relative to the podcast this week.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #27

After an unplanned break, LISTen returns slightly earlier than anticipated! This week's episode includes an interview with author Scott Douglas as well as a commentary and a new installment of Tech for Techies.

Related links:
Website of Scott Douglas
Website of Erie Looking Productions
Website of Podango

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #28

This week's episode is different from the usual fare. The thread holding this together is: "Authors You Didn't Hear at ALA Annual 2008". Authors David Weber and Piers Anthony were interviewed this week. Interviews ranged from talking about their works to how they view libraries to the future of books. The interview with David Weber is being presented in two parts with the remaining portion to air on a future episode. Both authors raised unique points when it comes to determining authorial intent relative to exposing children to their own works that might be otherwise objectionable.

A link is presented below for the Baen Free Library. That site is one where there are complete works available for reading without digital rights management software issues. Works by David Weber and others appear in that collection.

Related Links:
Home page of Piers Anthony
A book by Piers Anthony not for kids
A second book by Piers Anthony not for kids
The Baen Free Library featuring items by David Weber and others
Works by David Weber published by Baen Books
The Honor Harrington Series
US Transition to Digital Television Broadcasting Info Site
Home page of Erie Looking Productions
An interesting tweet on Twitter -- Read More

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #29

This week's episode is posted early due to recurrent broadband outages being experienced by the production team. The team felt it best not to wait on posting as it would be better to be early rather than late. Hopefully this improves.

The episode this week has the second part of the interview with author David Weber as well as a book review in Tech for Techies.

Related links:
The Baen Free Library
Absolute beginner's guide to podcasting
Podcasting hacks
Works by David Weber published by Baen Books

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #30

This week's episode is an unusual one with that not being due to its length. The podcast audio production engineer discusses the whole question feature further while introducing two responses submitted by librarians apparently based in the United States. A commentary is presented relative to a blog post encountered over the past week. The zeitgeist recap covered stories listeners might have missed over the week that was.

There will be no podcast next week. The production team will be working on a "company move" on the 26th and probably spending the days following that making sure systems are stable. Following this episode the release of episode thirty-one is presently scheduled for August 4th. If there is a breaking story, we may well release coverage anyhow.

Related links:
The "Hello Radio" site mentioned in one public service announcement
Blake's original post asking a question and inviting responses
Blog post referenced in the commentary
ALA's Digital Television Transition Page With Information On Speakers Available
Federal Communications Commission site on the Digital Television Transition

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #31


Yes, there are interviews this week. We rarely are able to fit in three but we did this week. First up was author David Michael Slater who discussed his writing career. Following Slater was the CEO of search engine Mahalo, Jason Calacanis. Calacanis talked about his company as well as the search engine field. Rounding out our session of interviews was Tim Darlington, Digital Services Manager at the library of Massey University. Darlington spoke about Massey University being the first of the academic institutions in New Zealand to have its library adopt a discovery layer such as Encore from Innovative Interfaces.

The close to the podcast notes that further answers to the question about choosing librarianship are no being sought. The answers received will be presented by the program's engineer next week. The new question posed was: "Why do you stick with Twitter?" Replies are needed by 0700 UTC on Sunday, August 10, 2008. Folks outside the United States wishing to provide an MP3 recorded answer can use the powered tool below: simple private sharing

Folks within the United States can also use that tool in addition to being able to call 646-495-9201 and entering when prompted extension 61340. Materials can also be sent as an attachment via e-mail to A link to Blake's post about how the process of replying to the question is shown below.

Referenced links:
Blake's HOWTO
Mahalo, the human-powered search engine
The personal website of Jason Calacanis
The new Encore interface to the catalog at Massey University
A sampling of books by David Michael Slater shown in
Website of David Michael Slater -- Read More

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode 32

This week's episode brings a mix bound by the thread of "borders". The program this week brings an interview with Amy Kudwa, a spokesperson at the United States Department of Homeland Security, as well as a commentary looking at how history plays a role in the way we look at borders.

The engineer put forward a new question for folks to answer. That question is: "What is Web 2.0?" The deadline for answering either by leaving a voice mail or sending an MP3 file is 0700 UTC on August 24th. Talk To LISNews remains an audio project so while text-based replies are appreciated they are not likely to be read on-air.

Related links:
Fixed time converter showing local equivalents for the deadline
The Secretary of Homeland Security speaking to Wired

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LISTen #33 Delayed

The thirty-third episode of LISTen: The Podcast is unavoidably delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #33

This week's episode brings a shorter than normal commentary as well as interviews from New Media Expo 2008. Interviews from the exhibit floor at New Media Expo 2008 will be aired this week and next. This week's thread was hardware while next week's is software and service providers.

Related links:
New Media Expo site
MXL Microphones

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LISTen Special Edition -- The Intersection of Librarianship and Politics

Originally the interview found in this special episode was supposed to air in the next regular episode. Being overtaken by events is never fun. As such the interview is being released in a special edition now.

Dr. Stanley Kurtz made an attempt to seek access to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge collection of documents at University of Illinois-Chicago. After initially being granted access, such was taken away. With conflicting answers Dr. Kurtz wrote a piece for National Review Online.

The production team contacted both the University of Illinois-Chicago as well as Dr. Kurtz. Dr. Kurtz responded to the request for an interview. The only contact from the University of Illinois-Chicago was to be told there was no statement and no comment.

In a case where we're left with only more questions, the interview is presented for consideration. The audio engineer's question that he requested be put is: was this incompetence or a bungled covering up?

23:47 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #34

This week's episode brings the remainder of coverage from New Media Expo 2008. Topics covered included service providers and software.

Related links:
Podcast Tune-up
Wizzard Media

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #35

Considering the hurricane situation in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the normal slow-down to news at this time, this week's episode has no interviews to it. A new installment of Tech for Techies is presented relative to interviewing for podcasts and gives some advice for librarians and teacher-librarians who may be involved in such. The program's engineer presented a brief bit about BlogWorldExpo 2008 (e-mail about that can be sent too). A commentary is also presented.

If you want to learn more about the situation with Hurricane Gustav, you can add this URL to your podcatcher to receive audio reports directly from the National Hurricane Center: As of the time of posting, updates were being issued regularly by the National Hurricane Center. An expanded listing of resource links can be found at LISNews here.

As an experiment in light of recent discussion, a transcript of this episode is available for purchase. The options exist to secure copies in either print form or electronic form. Pricing was intentionally kept on par, to the extent possible, with that asked by programs hosted by Oprah and Dr. Phil. This is a test to see if there is sufficient interest to back future transcript efforts as such involves diverting time and resources from other efforts.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #36

This week's episode features an interview with new media strategist Tommy Vallier talking about Google Chrome, an installment of Tech for Techies discussing how to build a telephone bridge for recording interviews, and a commentary.

Related links:
Website of Tommy Vallier
Twitter stream of Tommy Vallier
Google Chrome

18:55 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #37

This week's episode brings an interview with Jessamyn West as well as a commentary by the program's audio engineer under the heading of "Patron Perspective".

Related links:

Jessamyn West's post: On Fact Checking and Sarah Palin and Book Banning
Jessamyn West's post: Sarah Palin, VP nominee holdings of the Piers Anthony book cited in the commentary
BlogWorldExpo site
Post by Blake about BlogWorldExpo
Post by Stephen about BlogWorldExpo

23:43 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #38

Outside the south hall This week the production team had the opportunity to visit BlogWorldExpo. The event was packed with vendors showing off tools and products to help bloggers produce even more effective content. With the rise of Library 2.0 and the growth in the use of blogs as well as other social media tools, much of what was on display was quite relevant for librarians.

Interviews included in this episode involved chats with representatives of:

Since we have so many interviews we are dividing such up. Special episodes will be released on LISNews on Tuesday and, if necessary, Thursday. Keep an eye on LISNews for additional episode posts. Our goal is to keep the episodes around thirty minutes in length and we have still more to share.

Related links:
Website of Edward B. Driscoll, Jr.
Piece by Rick Moran of Pajamas Media on BlogWorldExpo
Flickr photos tagged from this event

29:03 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #39

An airline?  On Twitter? This week the production team had the opportunity to visit BlogWorldExpo. Many vendors there will not be at Internet Librarian to exhibit and had not ever heard of its existence prior.

Interviews included in this episode involved chats with representatives of:

The final part to our BlogWorldExpo coverage will be released Thursday night Pacific time. That part will be different as some of the extended interviews will be aired. The list of speakers will appear deceptively short but there will still be plenty to listen to.

Related links:
The first part to LISTen's coverage of this event

30:36 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #40

Another look at tear down Wrapping up this week's coverage of BlogWorldExpo 2008, the program's engineer edited down the interviews. Interviews included in this episode involved chats with:

Related links:
The first part of BlogWorldExpo coverage
The second part of BlogWorldExpo coverage

34:44 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #41

This week's episode is a bit of a break from a very busy week previously. After the information overload of three episodes covering BlogWorldExpo, the team brings an interview with search engine company hakia.

Related links:
Background on hakia
Recent hakia press release that sparked the interview
Part 1 of BlogWorldExpo Coverage
Part 2 of BlogWorldExpo Coverage
Part 3 of BlogWorldExpo Coverage

15:57 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #42

This week's installment of this news magazine brings three pieces. The first is a bit of reporting on the Steve Jobs heart attack hoax. Following that there is a commentary on librarians and politics. Before the zeitgeist review that shifted to the episode's end, we also have a look at simple steps toward e-mail security.

Related links:
Story by Greg Sandoval at CNET on the Jobs hoax
Ecclesiastes 3:1-9
Google on the use of IMAP with Gmail
United States Computer Emergency Response Team

17:17 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode 43

This episode breaks away from the usual mold. With so many events coming up, the team put together a bit of a calendar of upcoming events. The next few weeks may be busy in areas that impact the IT infrastructure of libraries. There also seems to be quite a few elections coming up that might be of interest.

Following the calendar review there is an interview with Library Journal Editor-in-Chief Francine Fialkoff. In the interview the matter of the Annoyed Librarian was discussed as well as changes in the media landscape. Following the interview a commentary is presented in the matter. At the close of the commentary a unique proposal for change to LIS education curricula is pitched.

Wrapping up the episode was the review of stories you might have missed. Also included in the wrap-up was an apology to the person who uploaded an MP3 file to the team that was corrupted and otherwise unrecoverable.

Related links:
New blog home of the Annoyed Librarian
Annoyed Librarian via RSS
Profile page for Ramesh Ponnuru at Washington Post's site version 3.0 (Release Candidate #4) Launch Party Announcement

22:44 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #44

This week's episode brings an interview cross continents about censorship. The censorship case happens to be happening in Australia. An anti-censorship activist, Michael Meloni, was interviewed about the matter as inquiries to the Australian government department concerned went unanswered. Electronic Frontiers Australia has presented online a background review of the issue.

A book also received a brief review.

20:45 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #45

This week's episode brings a discussion involving Stephen, Blake, and Mike Meloni in Australia. The topic discussed was Internet censorship in one particular part of the Anglosphere. Considering the decisions of the US Supreme Court in recent years to apply wholly alien legal principles from abroad in the US, something like this happening in one part of the Anglosphere may flow outward.

A commentary is also presented in regards to two recent stories on LISNews.

Related links:
Piece by Michael Meloni discussing the Australian net censorship proposals
Discussion from ZDNet's Australia section about telecommunications market issues there
Reporting from ComputerWorld in the matter (WARNING: Some language may be deemed offensive in the report text)
Post discussing a possible re-imagining of librarian education
Post discussing a future without physical library buildings
Press release on the BlogWorldExpo disc offering

And here is the commentary in video form:
-- Read More

30:57 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #46

This week's episode features original material and no interviews. A book review as well as a Linux flavor "first look" are presented. A commentary is also featured in the episode.

Related links:
Main download site for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex
The book reviewed

And the product review in video form:

12:20 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #47

Technical troubles didn't censor the podcast this week. This week's episode brings a chat with Blake, a chat with an artist about the business of art, and a commentary.

Although we have had video releases accompanying audio releases, such is delayed until a later day this week.

23:49 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #48

This week's episode is a brief one. After the run down of stories you might have missed, the program's engineer presents another installment of Tech for Techies. In the fourteenth installment of that segment, the engineer gives a brief overview of how to record audio at conferences and conventions. A lighter commentary is presented touching upon the need for authority control in today's increasingly interconnected world. The wrap-up contains a unique announcement.

There is no video planned for this week.

Related links:
DTV Transition Site
Presidential Transition Site
US Government Portal

11:17 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #49

This week's episode of LISTen is in full form. Starting off the episode one finds a chat with Blake Carver about a recent conference he attended. The event was sponsored by OpenText and talked about its very own document management system.

Following the chat with Blake, the episode turns to talking to Felicia Day. Ms. Day writes and produces the online series known as The Guild. Due to the paucity of materials detailing how such online ventures happen, Ms. Day helps fix in the tangible form of the podcast a discussion of such. The interview was geared towards giving YA librarians and others answers for when people inquire about how programs like The Guild are created.

Following the chat with Ms. Day, a round-up of stories listeners might have missed at LISNews over the past week was given.

Recognizing that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is only occurring in the United States this week, it might be reasonable for listeners to question if an episode will be released on December 1st. The production team realizes that a sizable amount of listeners are located outside the territorial boundaries of the United States. Barring unforeseen complications, LISTen #50 is indeed slated to be released at 0500 UTC on December 1st (what is this in my local time?).

Related links:
Open Text Content World 2008
Book referenced by Felicia Day on writing
Official website of Felicia Day
Site of The Guild

27:12 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #50

In this week's episode we hear from Rob Lopresti not only about music but also about stolen books at Western Washington University. An analysis of a perhaps overlooked part of media coverage of the Mumbai incident is also presented.

As for the list mentioned by Mr. Lopresti in the interview, the address to write to is:

Rob Lopresti
Wilson Library
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225-9103
United States of America

A self-addressed envelope with USD$0.59 postage is requested from libraries located within the United States. While listeners outside the United States are advised to check with their respective postal authorities, it appears that enclosing a single Universal Postal Union International Reply Coupon may be sufficient to cover postage costs.

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Report on Twitter in Mumbai at the site of the Courier Mail
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Mindanao Examiner talking about the Mumbai attack
Forbes on the use of Twitter in Mumbai
A Twitter user calling for no panic creation
Global Voices looking at Twitter in Mumbai
Potential Christmas gift for art lovers
Potential Christmas gift for lovers of information policy
Potential Christmas gift for those seeking to archive podcasts

22:05 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #51

This week's episode is characterized by variety. The episode kicks off with a recap of stories that might have flown below the radar. After that the program talks to Evan Prodromou, the creator of the Laconica software that operates sites site as TWiT Army and From there the podcast took a look at a musical program at the West Charleston branch of Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. After that there is a mix of Linux and open source news followed by another installment of Tech for Techies. After Tech for Techies the episode wraps up.

Links referred to:
Site to download Laconica
Guitar Society of Las Vegas
Download location for openSUSE 11.1-RC1
Download location for stable openSUSE releases
Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Daily Builds
OpenSolaris download site
Download location for TinyMe
Koha download site
Evergreen download site
Greenstone download site download site
MarcEdit download site
Details about the Free Culture Showcase competition
The referenced wiki page showing all competitors entered so far
Announcement from TWiT Live about their mixer
MacBreak Weekly recorded without a mixer

36:25 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #52

This week's late episode brings interviews concerning technology. The first interview was with Jerry Bell of Cytec Corporation about PodboxxTV. The second is with the CEO of Mahalo, Jason Calacanis, about the newly launched Mahalo Answers. The zeitgeist round up is not repeated in this bit of audio but can be found here.

Barring further complications the next episode of LISTen will be released on or near 0500 UTC on December 22nd.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #53

One could blame it on the holidays. One might blame it on the news being slow. In the end, this episode is a brief one. Computer complications delayed the post to where it could not post on-time either.

The episode begins with a recap of the top ten stories of the past week at LISNews. Following that the sixteenth installment of Tech for Techies is presented discussing some recent remarks by the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Homeland Security as they might relate to libraries. A review of openSUSE 11.1, which is available for purchase as well as download, is then given. Wrapping up the episode included a note that a Christmas special may or may not happen. Decisions have not been taken yet on that.

There will be an episode released at the usual time on December 29th. It should be remembered that CNET as well as the TWiT Network will not have podcasts coming out at that time with current coverage as they are on holiday breaks. A LISTen special for New Year's Eve is under discussion as to its specifics. Further details will be announced once they are available.

12:01 minutes (8 MB)

The LISTen Christmas Special

No spoilers.

7:17 minutes (8 MB)

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #54

This week's episode doesn't have a single theme. First up is an interview with John C. Dvorak about a sad situation with Google Docs. Following that is a brief report about the impending demise of podcasts hosted on Podango. After the Podango update a commentary is presented on utterances made by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, & Sport in the United Kingdom.

Post referenced in discussion with John C. Dvorak
Mashable on the Podango situation
LISNews post containing multiple links to stories on the situation the commentary references
Direct link to the Christmas Special if you missed it

19:52 minutes (8 MB)