Author Takes Action after a bad Amazon review

Michel Cuhaci of Ottawa had received a misprinted copy of A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equation and he left a bad review on

The author saw the review and decided to make things right. More on this fantastic story at the Dayton Daily News


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Too bad the author didn't autograph his replacement copy...that would've been the icing on the cake right there.

Maxwell's Demon would fix Maxwell's Equation

I think he should have conjured up Maxwell's Demon to fix Maxwell's Equation. It's the same Maxwell, after all.



This blurb was under the author's picture at the story:

Marshall Gorby
Dan Fleisch, Travel cost: flights ($396.55), rental car ($67.67), seeing the look on Michel Cuhaci's face (priceless).

What it should have read:

Marshall Gorby
Dan Fleisch, Travel cost: flights ($396.55), rental car ($67.67), publicity that drives your book to the top thousand books a Amazon. (Worth something but not priceless)

What should have been done.

If a book arrives missing pages the first thing that should have been done was to contact Amazon and request another copy or a refund. Giving the book a bad rating is not good for two reasons. First, it does not fix the problem for the customer and second the review has nothing to do with the content of the book.


While I normally agree that the comment section is not meant to cover Amazon customer service issues, the guy was trying to warn people that the whole run of paperbacks might be missing those 38 pages and who's going to read this book to find out? Probably NOT people who work at Amazon or print or bind books. Still, I would have just tried to get Amazon customer service but this is a much better story.


The guy is Canadian, please do you expect rationality.

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