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nigritude ultramarine

more Googlebombing, this time they're doing it for a contest.

Darkblue contest
Nigritude ultramarine google search

Slashdot story on nigritude ultramarine contest

Think Google will do anything about it?

Nails in his head

Well, that would suck

stupid little box

Why do I keep clicking the "Anonymous Patron" box? I do that on /. too. I write up a post, intend to post it logged in, go through preview and somewhere in there I click the anonymous box and make my post not logged in. I think I've done this at least 3 times this week.

Wild Animus

The whole Wild Animus issue continues to annoy me. I think I'll stick with being shallow and a "woohoo! free stuff!" attitude for right now.


I'm not a librarian, I just work for a library. I'm considering going for an MLS after I finish my undergrad, but things may change.

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