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Will www.lisnews.com Redireting to www.lisnews.org Hurt

Google's current technology sometimes interprets Redirect or Duplication as malicious - this has been discussed ofte on Matt Cutts Blog

While Lisnews.com has a PageRank of 7 while many indexed Pages


has a little ways to go

While the importance of Text Links and PageRank will help bring many new visitors via the SERPs

The concerns with Redirects and effects on Google Technology have now added a new layer of complexity.

search-engines-web.com - Let's make Him/Her honorary editor

Today is "Search engines web" day.

Today on Lisnews's main page at about midnight there are five accepted submissions out out nine by HIM or HER

In LMS there are four out of ten stories by Him

In the wireless section there are five out of ten stories by HER

In the Geeks section there are nine out of ten stories by HIM


Whoever that dedicated reader or readers are, they deserve an editor for a day ribbon.

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