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Recommended Reading about libraries, books, and information.I am looking to add to this list. Book suggestions are welcome.

$150 pricing error

Story here

Libraries vs. Computers (circa 1996)

In 1996 Packard Bell ran a commercial that showed libraries as dark dreary places and suggested you access information from home on a Packard Bell computer. Librarians reacted strongly to the commercial and Packard Bell reworked the ad and removed the library scenes. You can see the commercial here with the library scenes. Commentary on the commercial can be found here.

German Coast Guard (Berlitz Ad)

Grand Theft Auto / Coke Commercial

If you have not seen it already the Grand Theft Auto Coke commercial is worth seeing.

Conflict Diamonds

I saw the movie "Lord of War" this weekend. Conflict diamonds play a role in the story line. Here is an interesting flash animation from Amnesty International. I like how the music from the popular diamond ads is used.

Thursday's Book

Atomic Narratives and American Youth: Coming of Age With the Atom, 1945 - 1955

Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature

Book Magazines

Book Magazines

BookTV -- Lemon Tree

I was watching BookTV this weekend and the author of this book was on.
The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East
The book is about two families one arab and one isreali that because of what has happened in the region both lived in the same house. The arab family was removed from the house after the Six Day War and the Isreali family moved in. The book tries to humanize both families.

Book Vending Machine

Library of America Complete Collection now has available the Library of America Complete Collection. This 183 volume collection comes with a price tag of $3,869.97. A set that made news a few months ago was the The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection. This 1,000 volume set had a price tag of $7,989.50. Worried about shipping? Don't be. Each collection comes with free shipping!

In the editorial reviews and sales description for the Penguin set the amazing parameters of the Penguin collection were presented. From Edwin A. Abbott to Emile Zola, the 1,082 titles in the Penguin Classics Complete Library total nearly half a million pages--laid end to end they would hit the 52-mile mark. Approximately 700 pounds in weight, the titles would tower 828 feet if you stacked them lengthwise atop each other--almost as tall as the Empire State Building.
The Library of America Collection does not have such a daring description as to compare the collection to the height of buildings. If you stacked the Library of America Collection in the same goofy way (stacked them lengthwise atop each other), as compared to the regular way you stack books, the stack would be as tall as this Babylonian Snake God.

Libraries and the Internet

Blake posted a thought piece titled 10 Reasons Why The Web Is Almost A Substitute For Libraries. In the post I think Blake makes many valid points. I think there is another important point to consider. Many of the quality resources on the Internet were put there by libraries. For example you can find this book on the Internet The Open Polar Sea: A Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery Towards the North Pole, in the Schooner "United States" and you don't have to go to a library to read it. But it was a library that made the item available online in the first place.

New Content

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Public Art

Really bad public art

Really cool public art

Village Voice Article

Storm Troopers

There was a story on LISNEWS last week about "Free Comic Book Day".
A group of Star Wars fans in our town showed up in full dress to attract the crowds. I took this picture of some Storm Troopers on the street waving to cars. When I looked at the photo latter I think it has a certain surreal element to it. Maybe it's just me. Note: In the picture you can see there is a sign by the road that advertises "Free Comic Book Day".

See this

Watch the Wonka one and Breakfast Club. The Princess bride is also funny. Look up on Google to get this guys full story. Interesting page. You heard it here first. Maybe.

Pulitzer Prize

The books that won the Pulitzer Prize were announced today. You can see complete list that includes newspapers and articles that won here --

The books that won Pulitzers in 2006 are:

Pulitzer for General nonfiction
Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story Of Britain's Gulag In Kenya

Pulitzer for Biography
American Prometheus : The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Pulitzer for History
Polio : An American Story

Pulitzer for a Novel

Pulitzer for Poetry
Late Wife: Poems

Following the Equator

$11 at Amazon Free here.

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