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Sex with a horse is not the same as naked pygmies

Tomeboy wrote in a comment: Sex with a horse is not the same as naked pygmies.

Well, I beg to differ because it clearly is to some people. From my web site (Chronology Part III):

1999, June: National Geographic

PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- A fourth-grade student was reading a magazine when his teacher, Wanda Nelson, grabbed it, called it "pornography," ripped up the offending pages and threw them in a trash can.
The magazine was National Geographic, and the pornography was an article on evolution that included drawings of naked humans.

The Cherry Street Elementary School teacher received a written reprimand on June 15 for "inappropriate action."

But the school superintendent said he did not believe censorship was an issue.

Bay County School Superintendent Larry Bolinger said he supported the teacher's right to stop what she considered a disruption, but said she crossed the line when she damaged the magazine.

Sebastian Allen, 10, had taken his older brother's magazine, a rare collector's issue, to school after Nelson had encouraged students to bring reading material from home in case they completed a state assessment test before time ran out.

[Amusing, n'est ce pas, how the teacher blamed the student for a disruption she created and how the official sided with the teacher? --MN]

People really need to learn the lessons of history: There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere. All that is needed is an excuse, and as the moral to one of Aesop's fables goes: Any excuse will do for a tyrant.

"Validation" of nonsense

So, I'm surfing LISNews, just making sure I'm up on all the comments, and I find one in the Cataloging Pornography thread. Someone had posted a query as to whether putting a work into the collection creates some kind of validation. I had written the following reply, but I couldn't post it because I had previously moderated that thread.

The only validation for any idea is reality. The scientific community itself has sought to invoke censorship on two occasions, at least, under the misapprehension that holding public forums on the contentious issues -- one of which was Velikovsky's [crackpot] hypothesis of solar system evolution and the other of which was an examination of unidentified flying objects as interplanetary or interstellar spaceships -- would somehow validate those ideas and give them credence in the mainstream. The purpose of the forums, of course, was to examine the evidence to determine whether or not such ideas should be be given credence. Opposition was based on the ideas being too nonsensical. Once the evidence was examined, and thorougly debunked, the ideas were rejected.

Take any idea, examine it critically, see how it holds up in the face of the evidence. Validate it or invalidate it accordingly.

And so it goes.


From the Slashdot quote thingie:

You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.

At last! Recognition!

However, I still prefer the old quote feature from the pre-Slash days.

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