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Can Work Previously Held In The Public Domain Be Recopyrighted?

A legal battle that examines whether Congress has the right to recopyright works that were already placed into the public domain will take place during the Supreme Court's October session. The plantiff is Lawrence Golan a conductor at the University of Denver where the decision has been detrimental to his program as the increased cost of newly copyrighted works has placed a large selection of previously accessible material off limits. The law which was passed in 1994, gave foreign works the same legal protection that US works enjoy. This has huge implications for the digitization efforts of libraries across the country. If Mr. Golan wins his suit, libraries will feel much more comfortable making a great number of foreign-produced work more accessible through digitization.

Interesting Debate on the Role of the DPLA

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) recently asked the library community to join together and take part in their Beta Sprint. The idea is to move away from theory and actually start building some ideas. Still, like any ambitious idea such as this, it is unclear what role the end product will serve.

For those looking to learn more about this project or just to read an interesting debate on the role of massive digital libraries, the Library Journal has posted a Point-Counterpoint consisting of David Rothman who believes that there should be at least two versions of the DPLA and that it one of those versions should fulfill a primarily "public library" role as opposed to the other more scholarly projects that already exist versus John Palfrey who believes all hands need to work together on a unified project at first that can be carved up later as needed.

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