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Cheney Blocks Archives Inspection

Archivists are the new macho heroes of Washington says Maureen Dowd in the NYTimes Sunday June 24 column, "A Vice President Without Borders, Bordering on Lunacy."
After Scooter Libby, former Chief of Staff to Cheney, was sentenced for leaking classified information, one would think VP Cheney would welcome the oversight since his Office has been so willfully careless.
Vice President Cheney's office hasn't complied with an executive order on classified data since 2003...
In 2004, the National Archives and Records Administration Information Security Oversight Office, a 25-member agency responsible for securing classified information, decided to conduct an on-site inspection of Cheney's office to see how sensitive material was handled. The vice president's staff, according to a letter Waxman sent Cheney, blocked the inspection.

Per Petterson Wins 2007 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

Norwegian author Per Petterson won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award on Thursday for his novel, Out Stealing Horses.

Ousmane Sembene has died

Film maker, novelist and radical from Senegal in West Africa, Ousmane Sembène consistently opposed imperialism. A few themes predominate in all his work-- hatred for the brutal way capitalist and colonialist society makes people behave, sympathy for the poor and dispossessed, and identification with and empowerment of women.

More at Librarian

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Wins Orange Prize

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wins the 2007 Orange Broadband Prize for Half of a Yellow Sun.

Assault on Reason [by Al Gore] & Librarianship

In The Assault on Reason, Al Gore has given us another urgent warning - that our democracy is slip-sliding away from its moorings.

Of special interest to librarians is Chapter Five, "The Assault on the Individual. " Gore reminds us of unlawful enemy combatants who can be detained indefinitely, of privacy intrusions via the Patriot Act, of the warrantless eavesdropping program revealed in late 2005 and of Abu Ghraib. Asks Gore, "If the president has the inherent authority to eavesdrop, imprison citizens on his own declaration, kidnap, and torture, then what can't he do?"

Written as a consistently low-boil civics lesson, The Assault on Reason shows Gore to be utterly reasonable, and it is hard not to think that if Gore had been declared the winner of a certain Southern state in 2000, none of this would have been necessary.

For the connection to librarianship see:

Libraries, Al Gore and the public sphere

2007 Commonwealth Writers' Prize

Lloyd Jones wins the 2007 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Mister Pip.

Complete list and photos at Librarian.

Mukwa Dibou on Second Life

Mukwa Dibou (aka ALA President elect, Loriene Roy) said that Second Life gives additional options for communication and social spaces.

Internet Anonymity

In Sunshine for the Virtual Town Hall Tom Grubisich talks about the anonymous blogger:

On the Internet, Mr. anticrat424 is continually elevated to the podium, where he can have his angriest thoughts amplified through cyberspace as often as he wishes. He can call people the vilest names and that hate-mongering, too, will be amplified for all the world to see.

Or, as is stated in "Miss Leftist Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Communication with Right-Wingers. "You can't have a battle of wits with unarmed adversaries."

2007 Paul Howard Award For Courage

"John Doe," also known as George Christian, Peter Chase, Barbara Bailey and Jan Nocek, is the 2007 recipient of the American Library Association (ALA) Paul Howard Award for Courage. The $1,000 bi-annual award and citation honors a librarian, library board, library group or an individual who has exhibited unusual courage for the benefit of library programs or services.

For photo and details see Librarian.

BLOODY MONDAY for Privacy.

Isikoff calls May 13, 2007 BLOODY MONDAY.

The Bush administration made more than 200 revisions to the first report of a civilian board that oversees government protection of personal privacy.

See Librarian.

BLOODY MONDAY for Privacy (May 14)

Isikoff calls May 13, 2007 BLOODY MONDAY.

The Bush administration made more than 200 revisions to the first report of a civilian board that oversees government protection of personal privacy.

See Librarian.

Citizens of Death's Gray Land

5 more troops lost in Iraq in a dawn fight made me remember this sonnet by Siegfried Sassoon.


Soldiers are citizens of death's gray land,
Drawing no dividend from time's to-morrows.
In the great hour of destiny they stand,
Each with his feuds, and jealousies, and sorrows.
Soldiers are sworn to action; they must win
Some flaming, fatal climax with their lives.
Soldiers are dreamers; when the guns begin
They think of firelit homes, clean beds, and wives.

I see them in foul dug-outs, gnawed by rats,
And in the ruined trenches, lashed with rain,
Dreaming of things they did with balls and bats,
And mocked by hopeless longing to regain
Bank-holidays, and picture shows, and spats,
And going to the office in the train.



Immigration, REFORMA, Library Legislative Day 2007

The REFORMA Legislative Committee visit on Capitol Hill during National Library Legislative Day focused on the following: 1) support for the repeal of the REAL ID Act, 2) support for immigration reform as stated in REFORMA's and ALA's resolution on immigration adopted in January 2007, 3) Bilingual Education, 4) Net Neutrality, 5) LSTA funding, 6) School Libraries (Improving Literacy through School Libraries & and No Child Left Behind), 7) Librarians Act of 2007, and 8) Copyright.

More at Librarian.

Official Public Statements on Issues Concerning Immigrants and the Spanish Speaking.

'Mission Accomplished' Banner to GW Bush Library.

As of noon on 5/1/07 52% voting think the 'Mission Accomplished' Banner should be on display at the George Bush [Jr.] Library. Scroll to bottom of link.

White House Caught Doctoring "Mission Accomplished" Video

Tell Us the Mission (Accomplished).

Looking at OSHA on Workers Memorial Day

Brussels, 28 April 2007: The International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers, in memory of workers who die or are injured at work as a result of unsatisfactory production methods or working conditions, is taking place for the 12th consecutive year today. Some 12,000 activities in 118 countries have been organised. Activities on HIV/AIDS and the causes of occupational and environment-related cancers will also be held during this World Day. According to figures issued by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), almost 2.2 million people die in accidents or due to illnesses related to their work each year. Over 270 million workers are injured at work and almost 160 million suffer from illness caused by their jobs.

Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect.

Since George W. Bush became president, OSHA has issued the fewest significant standards in its history, public health experts say...The agency has killed dozens of existing and proposed regulations and delayed adopting others. For example, OSHA has repeatedly identified silica dust, which can cause lung cancer, and construction site noise as health hazards that warrant new safeguards for nearly three million workers, but it has yet to require them.

"The people at OSHA have no interest in running a regulatory agency," said Dr. David Michaels, who has written extensively about workplace safety. "If they ever knew how to issue regulations, they've forgotten. The concern about protecting workers has gone out the window."

Temple of Texts Wins Capote Award

April 24, 2007 -- "A Temple of Texts" by William H. Gass, Ph.D., the David May Distinguished University Professor Emeritus in the Humanities in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, is the 2007 winner of the $30,000 Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism in Memory of Newton Arvin. The Capote Award, the largest annual cash prize for literary criticism in the English language, is administered for the Truman Capote Estate by the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa.

A Washington Post Book World review of "A Temple of Texts" explained, "No one is better than William H. Gass at communicating the sublime and rapturous excitement of reading.

Librarians and Hate Speech.

After the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a report, "Promoting Hate," about Kevin MacDonald, a new article at Inside Higher Education brings up some of these issues.
I think they are librarian issues, too.
Hate Speech.

Impeach Cheney for Disinformation

Dennis Kucinich.
Articles of Impeachment, officially known as H.Res.

Articles of Impeachment (H.R. 333)

In a nutshell, Kucinich believes Cheney should be
impeached because he:

1. Manipulated intelligence to fabricate a threat of
Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

2. Manipulated intelligence to fabricate a relationship
between Iraq and al Qaeda.

3. Openly threatened aggression against Iran absent any real threat to the United States.

Let's show our support for Kucinich's heroic efforts by
asking the rest of Congress to co-sponsor these Articles , and by telling the media we demand impeachment now.


Disinformation Bibliography

[Because the very helpful SRRT International Responsibilities Task Force bibliography was published in pdf it may not be easily found. I am reprinting it below].
Selected Bibliography on Disinformation.

Compiled for the International Responsibilities Task Force of SRRT program entitled "Destabilization, Disinformation, and Librarians." ALA 2005 Annual Conference, Chicago, June 25,2005.

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Compiled for the International Responsibilities Task Force of SRRT program entitled Destabilization,
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See SRRT Newsletter December 2005. No. 152/153.

Librarians oppose the Bush doctrine of misinformation.

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