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response to article about Peter and librarianship

Well, to my dismay, my friend Peter saw the spike in his referrer logs and came on over to look at the thread on the blog entry I submitted.

He was bemused and I am aghast and horribly embarrased for this "community". I honestly don't know what to make of this place.

Before someone feels the need to lecture me on how cyberspace is different, yadda yadda yadda, hey I've been flamed online before, and used the internet since 1991. I know it goes with the turf sometimes. I also know that people were giving their honest opinions about an anonymous person in cyberspace. But it sure seems like folks could be more civil in their discourse.

For those who think we can bomb our way to peace


esp. the last few grafs...

Cell phones in library

I'm curious about what other libraries have for cell phone use policies, if any. Ours has a No Cell Zone sign at the front entrance. People receiving calls usually head out to the lobby, but occasionally will just take their calls at their table, or hide in a bookstack or stairwell.

I've done it too.

I think that banning cell use is stupid in a library setting, UNLESS you have a silence policy or somesuch (we don't in our reference area). But what do others think?

Anarchy and libraries.

RE: the recent post here. No, I will NOT relax. It's more than whether or not people can download a movie for free.

Libraries are, or should be, about freedom and a certain amount of anarchy. Free people read. All the complaining by some of the wingers about ALA and Cuba should let you know that. Apparently some things, according to the government in Cuba, aren’t to be read. How is that different than denying someone the chance to view a DVD? “Oh, because someone needs to get paid.� Got it.

For all the blathering about free markets I hear from the right, I rarely see any mention of that when it comes to intellectual property. Why ARE DVD’s restricted by region? Shouldn’t the market decide who gets to sell and where? Ironically, like Cuba, people here who publish copy protection circumvention can also go to jail. ( Or you can just be threatened, harassed and sued by the media conglomerates.

I’m for protection of copyrights in a sensible manner, but does it really serve any purpose for copyrights to be extended to nearly a century, except to enrich the already rich, or create trust-fund babies out of heirs of great artists? Now we have the spectre of “restored� copyright, i.e. taking something that WAS the public’s and giving it to someone else. It doesn’t take a giant leap to think that this opens the door to making expired copyrights available to the highest bidder.

Vonnegut article on Oil

Fellow Hoosier and Wise Old Man Kurt V. is at it again. Go. Read.

my birthday!!!

Use this to wish me a happy birthday! Yes, it's true. I'm 44 today. Man, do I feel old.


Well. The memo came out several days ago that there were going to be cuts at the seminary where I work (standalone seminary in the south). It's depressing naturally. But its feeling more than depressing too. No one knows who will go/stay.

It means that I have to screw up the courage (again) to look at job ads. I thought this would be the last place I'd work until retirement in twenty something years. Now I feel torn; have to do what is right for the family and all.

AHHHH there's the rub. We've just now settled into the area. We've looked at some houses to buy even so we can stop the vagabond renter's life we've lived. Our kids are safely and happily in schools they seem to thrive in.

Our director has said that he thinks the library might have "a position or two" cut. Rumors among staff are that it means the part-timers and new cataloger would be first. But I'm the next-newest employee after that. Gulp.

I don't think my family can mentally take another relocation. So that means we stay here. Then the question is "where to work?"

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