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Easy way to delete blog?

Is there an easier way to delete a blog other than post by post?

Tell me US literacy does not suck.

Sad but funny. Some guy was shot and his brilliant friends drove him to a < a href="">Hospice.

Yes a Hospice not a Hospital.

I am so glad my friends are not complete morons. I'm also glad I try to avoid places where people shoot at me.

What kind of book are you?

The nice folks at Inkwood Books in Tampa passed along this nice < a href=" ">What book are you? quiz.

Give it a try if you like.

Support your local independent bookseller.

Heinlein? Me? I didn't expect that, I was thinking more Alex Comfort or perhaps Southern Comfort.

40 years ago today

This clown is dead 40 years today. This seemed like the appropriate place to post it.

If any of you are going to the memorial demonstration I have a t-shirt that real live commies gave me. I never wear it, you are welcome to it.

Your DHS file.....

I worked with a great guy when I worked at a local hospital and his brother was a professor of Creating Writing (and a mighty good author - 'my' library bought all his books) at FIU.

I was looking at John Dufresne's blog this evening and found an interesting tidbit about requesting one's own DHS file. I think I'll just do that. You may want to as well.

I wonder what it will show -since I am a religious (R.C) single, single, bearded, frequent traveller (12-15/yr plus 2 or 3 international), that goes to countries known for bombings (Northern Ireland) and to countries from which many people illegally enter the US (Mexico and Canada).

I wonder if they can find the hat I left on a Delta flight in 1992?


The State of Florida maintains a list of jobs for librarians in Florida. To sumbit an announcement several questions must be answered, one of which is does the position require and ALA accredited MLS.

Almost every position that is listed as not requiring that ever useful ALA MLS does indeed require it. Go ahead, have a look.

Do you want to work for people who can't fill out a simple online form?

Made on a Mac?

The recent OBL video is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time and it amazes me people are getting their knickers in a twist over this.

I have heard the Grecian Formula joke about a dozen times now when the talking heads on the news speculate about why the loony Bin Laden's beard has 'changed' from grey. It didn't change the video is from years ago.

The best part is that OBL stops moving just under 2 minutes into the thing yet keeps talking for another 10 minutes until he does a little hop and starts moving and talking again. This happens each time 'he' talks about something current (well within the last 5 years).

It is obvious that the talking heads and those pontificating about it have failed to watch all 26+ minutes of it. I had some friends over and we had a good laugh at this.

Think I'm making this up look at it here. Try and find it at any news network site and you won't find it. I wonder if they simply failed to watch it, or if they purposefully are hiding the fact that it is a video dubbed over a still.

Nice work on the audio editing, but they really need to get a Mac if they want quality video editing.

Small library staff/volunteer schedule application

So over the holiday weekend I decided to set up a small application to manage the schedule at my (previous) library. I had been thinking about it and tinkering with it for a while but I finally got it into production.

Feel free to have a look about at a mirror of it at the username is admin and the password is 1234.

I'm taking this install down eventually so feel free to muck about and create users and modify things.

I'd appreciate and criticism or suggestions.

I agree with the NAACP (frequently)

Again I find myself agreeing with the NAACP. They ask us to reserve our opinion on Michael Vick a football player (although I don't really follow it too much not living in Buffalo anymore).

Michael Vick has been charged with a crime, something that happens to many people daily. However Mr. Vick has not been convicted of the crime with which he is charged. Until such time as he is we owe him the presumption of innocence.

Someone committed the crimes, and our criminal justice system will deal with the suspects. We have to accept our Constitutional protections as we might someday need them ourselves. They apply to all of us not just our friends; more importantly they apply to those charged with terrible crimes.

Michael Vick is not guilty, Lindsey Lohan is not guilty, and Irv Feldblum is not guilty (you probably don't know Irv but he got a parking ticket in Toledo) until such time as he is found guilty or enters a plea.

Indeed I do find dog fighting abhorent. I'd happily give those people a good kick in the gonads when they were down.

However until such time, I'll go along with the position of the NAACP that he is not guilty until he is found guilty.

Reverend Marcellus from the NAACP just said on the news that "Race always matters," when discussing the Vick case. You know I have to agree. If it were Doug Flutie would more white people be giving him the beneift of the doubt. I hope not, but I think so.

I also feel that OJ is not guilty. My opinion is that he probably killed people, but I have to accept the jury's decision. I don't have to like it I just have to live with it.

I never knew who Michael Vick was until the last few days. Oddly I know who that metrosexual Beckham is. I should pay more attention to hockey.

Oh and this is not at all related to libraries so I'll find some tangential link. I have an MLS. There ya go!

Oh, Canada

I was looking up a Canadian immigration policy for a friend that I worked with when I was living breifly in GTA (Etobcoke) for a nursing contract. The Canadians report their expenses online. I was looking at some of the expenses reported by the Minister and her staff.

This is simply brilliant. I want the US government to do this.

I am glad I don't have to post mine because my 'constituents' would be angry. My boss is happy though.


There are flames shooting out of the road near my office (I am in NYC today).

I knew I should have left the office an hour ago.

Vote for Chichen Itza

If you have not voted yet, vote for the 7 New Wonders of the world.

I will be in Chichen Itza Saturday when the results are announced.

So go and vote. Sorry no link can´t get the less than and greater than things to work.

Not allowing comments is childish

The good doctor posted something from Library Juice. It was some crap that the SRRT put out and sent to our elected officials. Now I have to writ my senators and representative (well unless I see him at dinner again) and tell them all librarians are not members of the SRRT and the ones that are I consider for the most part Communists, or nutjobs (sometimes both)

However not allowing comments on her post seems to defeat the purpose of a forum such as this.

So feel free to post your comments about the Library Juice crapola here.

Don't screw with children

Came home from work, got out of the car and heard some people fighting and screaming about how they were going to beat the shite out of someone. I looked over the fence and 2 fat white women are beating a short black kid. I asked three or four times for them to let the kid go and they just continued to hit him and scream nonsense at both of us.

They took the kid and put him in a car and drove away while some fat ignorant probably drunk redneck dude screams at me how he is going to beat my ass. (Why do people warn me, why don't they just try?)

So I get back in my car, drive to the condo entrance and wait for them to drive out while I am calling the cops. I followed the car and told the cops where to find it. A few minutes later they made the traffic stop and got the kid.

Why the hell do people hit children? They said it was their child, but I found that hard to believe.

I don't know why people beat kids. Sometimes it is no wonder I think 85% of the people I meet on any given day are morons.

Saturday night a woman was murdered in an apartment complex about 1/2 a mile away from me. My condos are still nice, however the surrounding area is going down hill.

As long as I live I'll never understand people. However no one is going to beat kids or drive away with them when I don't think they should be. I am not putting up with that crap.

The police have the kid safely out of the car. I'm not sure what was going on, and frankly I don't care, but the kid is safe, for now.

Interesting link Well at least 5 minutes of today were productive.

N.B. If anyone can figure out why I get a forbidden link when I click on my links, and I have to click the link in the address bar and hit enter to get it to show up I'd be delighted to hear why.

TV is a waste of time.

I give up. I find television stupid. I flipped through the channels last night about eightish and found nothing on the broadcast stations worth watching. Some game show with Howie Mandel (who was actually good in the St. Elsewhere era), some crap about Billy Graham-who I don't like because he cut in front of me in line in an Eckerds in Asheville, NC two decades ago, and some naval show.

I tried the two local PBS stations thinking there would be something worth watching on there, nope both stations had the same woman Suze Orman, probably the same show. It is fundraising time again. I stopped sending them their $50 a few years ago when their fund raising went quarterly.

So I have cable, none of the subscription channels, but I have about 100 different channels. I don't watch the shopping channels, I generally don't watch sports on TV (I'll go to a game but it is just not the same on TV) So we are down to about 80 channels.

A&E has some ex-con bounty hunter and with his anatomically misproportioned white trash wife. The poor woman must have terrible back pain, you know insurance will pay for mastopexy for that.

The weather channel was good for about 10 minutes, there are apparently several lesbian channels now, We, O, Lifetime, because of the aggregate six minutes I spent on those there were odd lesbian scenes or discussions. (Not that there is anything wrong with that but I really am not interested.)

A dozen kids shows on Nick and Disney and the like.

I get about five channels in Spanish and those are usually good. Some gang movie about LA, La Fea Mas Bella - Ugly Betty or whatever it is in the English version. I don't watch the one with America Ferrara, so I am not really going to watch the one in Spanish, it does not thrill me in either language.

Watched the hockey game for a bit, but the Sabers were not in it so not too interested -that may have been tonight though- can't read my writing but it looks like Hockey, or Hookers- I think I would remember Hookers.

Some talking sponge.

Repeats of the Pushy Nun on EWTN (both analog and digital! - I get two stations)

Watched Bay news 9 en espanol for a while the have really hot anchors; too bad Carleth Keys quit, I met her once when she did a story at the library.

The Hitler channel (not available in Canada) [OK History Channel] had something about the making of Star Trek. I saw the movie, 4 times, when I was a kid that is enough for me.

All the MTV channels long ago stopped the M portion of their lineups. I really stopped watching that when Martha Quinn quit. She is Jane Bryant Quinn's kid. If they did play any music I would probably think it was crap.

C-SPAN can usually be counted on for something, but Tonight from Washington was a snoozer, it often is. (I still have not read that full immigration bill, but I guess there is little point now.)

The foreign movie channel had L'Auberge Espagnole, which I watched for a bit but quit because it is hard enought to pick up on a film halfway through and even harder when it is in a foreign language. It was not until today that I realized it was not about a Spanish eggplant, but an auberge - inexpensive hotel. I was a bit confused why a Spanish Aubergine would be the title of this film.

A dozen or so repeats I either don't like or have seen too many times. The on to Fox news which oftentimes is simply nonsense. (less nonsense than the others on a good day, but those are so few and far between)

A few cooking shows, none with Rachel Ray or that deLaurentis chick or whatever her name is. I don't want to watch some old balding fat guy cook, hell I can put up a mirror in the kitchen for that.

Cat fanciers assn cat show - 12 seconds.

BBC America - repeat of some episode of MI-5 I have seen 3 times and I've only seen the show four times.

Local PBS HD (I got a scratch and dent HDTV and a scratch and dent QAM receiver for $300 at on sale about six months ago) Rick Steeves repeat about Spain.

Billy Graham Special in HD- moving along.

A few minutes of The Milagro Beanfield War, a great movie I had not seen in some time (Sonya Braga can divert my water anytime she wants) The book was great too, I had read the book long before the movie was made.

Some Czech football (soccer) match. Meh, if it were Ireland, or the UK I may have gone with that.

Fried Green Tomatoes on Sundance, nope sorry no chick flicks. I am not sitting at home by myself watching FGT.

BET Jazz, usually pretty good but not right now it is soul music and neo-soul which apparently means crap.

Ovation -sometimes something worth watching- not now a documentary about Ray Davies (The Kinks) If it were the Corrs girls I would have stuck here.

Flix - Bullets over Broadway. Woody Allen annoys me. I think he is a bit of a pervert.

Back to Soccer, it is actually Chile.

Well that was all I could fit on the 9X12 envelope that the latest junk mail from Capital One so graciously provied as scrap paper.

I flipped around a few more minutes and then gave up.

I own 3 televisions. The newish HD scratch and Dent (it is stainless steel and 22 inches), an older 21 or 23 tube type I have been meaning to list on freecycle, and a 13 inch in my 'office'. I have no idea why I have 3 televisions. (I also have 5 phones - a bit odd for a man who lives alone in a 2 bed condo.)

So I think I may get rid of the cable (but keep cable modem) save a few bucks and perhaps get rid of the small tv. I will keep the scratch and dent one because well it is really scratched and dented- new it goes for $700 and change unscrachted & undented and I have the over the air tuner so I can watch PBS and other local stations in HD - although I can't see any big difference.

How is this library related. Well 2 ways: first I cursed myself for not having gone to the library last weekend. Second, rather than watch TV I finished an autobiography of Ralph McInerney from the ClearwaterPL. He is a professer at Notre Dame, a Thomist, and he writes the Father Dowling mysteries as well as other mysteries that I like.

Tonight I have The Committments DVD on and next up if I stay awake is Secret Ballot -in Farsi w/ subtitles (I hope) so that may have to wait as I may fall asleep.

Free press, we don't need no stinking free press

Well Hugo 'Fidelito' Chavez has closedan opposition television station.

People protested in the streets. Chavez didn't have the protestors shot like he did after a demonstration in 2002.

Closing the TV stations, investigating newspapers and journalists, heck when are they going to start closing the libraries?

I wonder how Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover are going to get the media attention they so desire.

In case you have not been keeping up Venezuela's president is a lunatic Commie. He has people murdered. He makes more than opposition TV stations desaparece. This lunatic is now telling DishTV and other satellite TV owners that they are being spied upon by the US through their TVs.

How much longer are they going to put up with this nutjob?


I was in Manhattan this week for a conference and I worked in my NYC office near Madison and 40th street, for part of the week. That is just a block away from the NYPL Patience and Fortitude Lions. However the 'real' branch the Mid-Manhattan Branch is across the street. I wandered over Thursday at lunch time.

Since I work in NYC I am eligible for a card so I signed up. It was quick and easy and the man at the sign up desk and I chatted about library school.

I browsed the collection for a short time, took the elevator to the 5th floor to look at the reference collection and was duly impressed.

I went back down and checked out a mystery to read on the plane on the way home.

I'm glad my employer has its principal US office in NYC!

Va. ACLU Dir. argued against filters. Should burn in hell.

The Assistant Director of the Virginia ACLU argued against filters in libraries.

In the past, Rust-Tierney had argued against restricting Internet access in public libraries in Virginia, writing, "Recognizing that individuals will continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library, the default should be maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the Internet."

He was recently arrested for possession of child rape and child bondage videos.

If anyone deserves to burn in hell, I am certain he is it.

Read more about this here

There are many more links that describe in more detail what he was watching but they made me ill so I will not link to them here.

When perverts are arguing against filters you know filtering must be working.

VE Day

May 8th is VE day. I submitted a story about it I read on the BBC site and a few links to 2 LOC projects about oral history of WWII veterans and 1 link from the DoD about why our service members serve now.

It was not approved, which I find odd. Sure a few of my links are not approved because they are sometimes out there. But VE Day and library links?

Oh, well here are the ones I can remember:

Lest we forget.

Why I never will practice law in this country.

Some Lawyer and Administrative Law Judge from DC is suing a dry cleaners for $65 Million for a lost pair of trousers.

They already tried to give him $12K to go away but he wants more.

If anyone should be impeached this idiot should (don't sue me pinhead these are my opinions). More on this absurd story here and no, its not The Onion.

Me called to the Bar here, hardly. Who would want to associate with people like that.

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