so, how long before the ubiquitous "in soviet russia, libraries own YOU!" quote? :)


From the Slashdot quote thingie:

You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.

At last! Recognition!

However, I still prefer the old quote feature from the pre-Slash days.

first entry

don't know what to say on the first entry except ---what is this? I must be bored and ready for school to start -- did I say that!

Greetings, Earthlings!

In the spirit of things, I hereby write my first entry. Blake, all your hard work is appreciated. I didn't truly realize until now that you're really building a community, not just a blog (blogs are often communities, too, but with very limited functionality!).

I realized this due to the intense personalization required when a user sets up an account. I've never been a big fan of the usability of slashcode, but, hey, we're librarians, we Figure Things Out for a living. Still, it's worth it, as are all your labors, and I hope continues to flourish.


I'm not 92, I'm 74

I understand the nature of websites and losing information. I originally registered on and had the UID of 74. Now, after registering again, I'm 92. Still double-digits, so I shouldn't complain too loudly. Rant is over.

Power Of Google?

Maybe google’s popularity is working against it?
Compare search results for “International Book of the Month� in Teoma, All The Web, MSN, and Google.
Who won? Well, I’d say MSN lost, by far. The first few results are just way off. Paid placement?
All the web and Teoma do ok, as does google, but this search returns a couple of obviously wrong results, domain squatters, search engine spammers, not sure what to call them. Those annoying sites that exsist only to spit popup ads and crap just drive me crazy. I’m assuming people only bother with google when pulling scams like that.

The News LISNews

I'm glad Blake switched to this new slash code. Yeeha. I'm hoping that we see tons of action around here.


This is only a test.

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