Bookfuturism: The Future or the Present?

"A futurist (in Marinetti's original sense) wants to burn down libraries. A bookfuturist wants to put video games in them. "

Another take relevant to the "Libraries 2.0" idea: Tim Carmody outlines "A Bookfuturist Manifesto" in the Atlantic. Carmody describes a philosophical compromise between the print-devoted book lovers and the cutting edge technophiles.

Are we finally on the cusp of an understanding between the two, or is this a new-fangled name for an already established shift?


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Why not both?

That's the funny thing about manifestoes; you're always partly trying to identify something you already see AND help bring that thing into being.

I can say definitively that the line about putting videogames in libraries was absolutely motivated by discussions I read here at LISNews and elsewhere in the library blogosphere.

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