Books are Not Sacred Objects

The bookish internet exploded last week when, in what one report called "the worst craft idea ever," Lauren Conrad (star of MTV reality shows and author of teen novels) cut apart a set of Lemony Snicket books and used the spines to decorate an otherwise plain box. The outcries were variations on the theme of, Nooooo, not books! That bitch!


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If you can't take it, don't dish it out

We print book people are tired of you digital snots telling us that our way of life is dying out. The fact that you can't take a dose of your own medicine is telling.

It really is a horrible craft, though...

All book related drama aside, this craft makes an ugly box that's only moderately appealing if it's viewed directly from the front - if you look at it from the sides or at an angle you'll be looking at ragged paper edges and craft glue. Also, gluing book spines to a box like that will make it really side-heavy, so unless it's a really nice, well-made box it's going to pull itself apart. (And if it is a nice, well-made box, you probably shouldn't be using it for a kitschy craft!)

As for the book drama, all librarians know that books are not sacred objects, and that there's nothing wrong with recycling old books into crafts or works of art - it definitely beats having to throw them away. Hypocritical of me though it may be, though, I was still touched to see so many people outraged over the destruction of a few volumes of Lemony think this means maybe some of these folks will quit dropping their library books in mud puddles or leaving them out where the new puppy can get to them?;)

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