Borders Boots Out Man's Best Friend

The Borders bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor is dog-friendly no more reports OhMiDog.

After years of allowing dogs, the bookstore has decided to enforce the chain’s company-wide policy prohibiting pets from entering. “We prioritize the safety and happiness of our customers,” Borders spokeswoman Mary Davis said. “We think that it’s important to put this particular store in line with our other stores, which currently only allow service dogs.” reports that the store’s general manager said she had “received a number of complaints about the dogs, some of which she described as ‘nasty,’” (meaning the complaints, I’m pretty sure, and not the dogs).

Borders declined to specify the nature of the complaints. At least one was made to county health authorities, who pointed out the store, since it houses a coffee shop, is licensed as a food service establishment.

Some patrons expressed sadness about the new no-dog policy.


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That's too bad. Long before

That's too bad. Long before it was sold and became corporate (back in the days when you had to pass a book knowledge test to work there), Borders used to keep dog biscuits behind the counter.

Dogs at Borders? That is a first for me

I'm surprised this was allowed to go as long as it did. I would assume that the city and/or county has ordinances barring any pets (except service animals) from business establishments, especially those that serve beverages and food. I love my boxer but I wouldn't think about bringing it to any business, except possibly those pet stores that allow such. My local public library doesn't allow any dogs except service dogs.

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