Bye Bye Borders

Bye Bye Borders: What The Chain's Closing Means For Bookstores, Authors And You

Borders announced this week that it will liquidate and close all of its remaining stores. What does this mean for the future of bookstores at large?

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Kobo and Borders

Kobo issues statement, distances self from Borders

Excerpt: Kobo does not rely on Borders for content. Kobo owns the publishing agreements and has direct relationships with all major publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster (NYSE: CBS), HarperCollins, St. Martin’s Press and many more. Kobo is solely responsible for payment to publishers for eBooks sold through the Kobo platform and publishers will continue to be paid on time as usual.

Bad News for Borders — and for Publishing

Daniel Raff, who studies the book industry. Raff answered a few questions today about how Borders’ closing will affect its competitors, the publishing industry and the future of the book “superstore”

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