Calling All Print Supporters...Read the Printed Word

Read the Printed Word!
A fan of the printed word? Add their code to your library's site or blog to show your support for the printed word in all its forms: newspapers, magazines and, of course, books.

Here's some background on the project from one of the creators.

Read the Printed Word!


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is that 'irony'? no, but it's something odd.

just the thought of embedding code on my blog for supporting the printed word confuses me. I think I'd need to print out the code on paper then post a picture of it on my blog... that makes more sense to me.

I taped it to my monitor.

I taped it to my monitor.


I taped it to my Kindle

but first...

You PRINTED it, right?


I taped my computer monitor to my Kindle


I didnt want to waste paper. I guess I did waste some tape.


For years I've thought it was content not format that was important.

It's content not format - we have audio books to listen to.

It's content not format - we have some dvds to learn from...

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