Cherish the Book Publishers You'll Miss Them When They're Gone

The e-book era promises us all the pleasure of wading through the slush pile ourselves, even as the pile grows exponentially. Much of that growth comes from eager literary hopefuls making earnest efforts. But spammers are also making their contribution to the teeming digital library. As Reuters recently reported, some unscrupulous self-publishers have begun creating books by the ream merely by grabbing a few pages of text from websites and dumping them into ultraquickie e-books. The authors of such faux tomes can knock out 10 or 20 a day. And even if only a handful of people make the mistake of downloading one of these "books," the spammer still makes enough pennies to keep at it.


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and the booksellers'll miss them too.

Don't want them to disappear? Then patronize them NOW (new & used bookstores in your community), and maybe they won't have to close up shop. If you love having a bookstore in your community, buy a book from somewhere other than Amazon. Save the local bookstores that support and work with your library on events, author appearances and other issues of concern to YOUR COMMUNITY.


Is there a link to more of the story?

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