A Comic Book Character Makes a Political Endorsement

Check this out. Image Comics 'Savage Dragon' drawn by Erik Larsen shows his support for a certain candidate in Issue 137.

The new issue goes on sale Sept. 3, and one in five copies will have the endorsement cover. NYTimes blogger George Gene Gustines adds "No word at this point whom Superman plans to vote for."


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Captain America to endorse McCain

before he was murdered, Steve Rogers had planned to back McCain because they went to high school together.

um, the joke is that Captain America is really really old.
on second thought, I think McCain is even older than that.

There's no way ::tounge firmly in cheek::

::smile mode on:: John Walker, the "Captain America," of the Regan/Bush era would endorse McCain. Steve Rogers traditionally is a FDR Democrat and would never endorse someone in costume, because Captain America is suppose to represent everyone. He was probably quietly an Edwards guy. Now Patriot (who appears to be a library worker!), his Uncle Joshia X, and his grandfather, the black Captain America are likely an Obama family. I'm betting the new Cap, Bucky, would have been a Hilary supporter.

::chuckle, because I can only be serious about this so long::

I have about 50 amateur comic book writers that ask me to look things up for them on a daily basis. They're often more challenging then my classwork which is why I love them.

electoral rights

Superman can't vote because he is an undocumented alien.

Ba dum bum

In other news, Savage Dragon

In other news, Savage Dragon is still being published?!?

Research Request Answered!


I called my comic shop which is one of the most well connected in Seattle and what they tell me is that some new issues have recently been published in the last few months after a few years of hiatus. Erik Larsen has been acting as main editor of Image so his creation has had to take a backseat. More issues are planned to come out.

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