If you weren't able to make it to Comic-Con in San Diego, here's a slide-show of what and whom you might have seen.

[The readers have spoken; if you want to see photos, you're welcome to click through and view them -birdie].


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Do we really need a giant picture on Angelina Jolie on the story? Be aware that for many of us we can check LISNEWS at work but pictures like that make it look like we are doing something non-library related. Thanks.


Pretty much no picture from Comic-Con is going to look library-related. At least she's fully dressed.

A lot of Library related stuff at Comic-Con

There were quite a few authors there including Megan Whelan Turner and of course Ray Bradbury. The San Diego Public Library held a number of panels. But none of those things are as photogenic as movie stars and costumes.

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