Cubist Take on Laura Bush on the Cover of American Libraries



I usually only see things like that after a few tankards of ale. Although it takes a few more drinks to get that Am I in a Guatemalan Hospital? look going.



Can I do a cubist interpretation of this picture:


The question of whether I can do I cubist interpretation of is a serious question. If you give the OK I will proceed and make one. I have the feeling that cubism is only funny or allowed if it is the first lady.


have fun

Oh do me!


I will Picasso you.


I did not do any crazy detective work to find that picture of Birdie. She commented on the picasso picture. I just clicked on her name on Flickr.


Picasso was not making a juvenile attempt to rip on the first lady.

thank you

What can I say except that it caught my fancy in an art appreciation sort of way. Do you find Picasso third grade-ish?

Yes :)

I remember trudging up the hill from the Prado to the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid to see Guernica. It was raining and I had to go that day because the Prado ticket admits you to the other museum but only that day.

Being cold wet and crabby I certainly did think Picasso was thrid grade-ish at the time. Lightbulbs and people with their heads at 90 degrees still seems a bit odd to me, but at least it makes some sense in context.

I more of a landscape or still life kind of guy. The Laura Bush photoshop ... meh.

Third grade

Wow birdie that is so third grade.

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