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UPDATE see below: The contest is over and we have a winner...librarian Lauren Gilbert of Hungtington NY has garnered the laurels as the author of "tree book"...congratulations Lauren and to all the entrants.
Amazon may launch the Kindle in the UK this year, Waterstone's has had success with the Sony Reader and Borders is about to launch a new device, but author Nick Hornby is not feeling the fever pitch over e-books.

In an interview with The Bookseller High Fidelity author Hornby has expressed skepticism as to whether the e-book reader will become as ubiquitous as the Apple iPod. He said: "People don't read enough. Their consumption is summer holidays and they like to take a couple of paperbacks away with them. That's a three-for-two offer. They read maybe seven or eight per year. You don't need one of those machines to do that."

Hornby suggested that no one had any great affection for CDs, whereas people are still attached to books as a form. He said: "It's hard to beat the convenience and price of a paperback book.

birdie's query: Now that e-books have become a daily item in the publishing press, what should we call plain old wonderful paper books that require a paper bookmark (hard and softcover)? Best suggestion (by a non-anonymous commenter) wins a complementary In My Book® card mailed to your door. hurry! contest ends at 6:00 pm EST June 15, and the winner will be named on Tuesday, June 16 right here on LISNews.


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What to call paper books

- hardcopy books
- printed version of audiobook
- p-books
- offline books

- Dennie

retronym for book

tree books
(or maybe just "books"?)


tree-books was me--forgot to log in.


me vs. not me

Me: I was writing in my journal today...
Not Me: I leave notes on Facebook, too.
Me: No, not Facebook.
Not Me: Twitter?
Me: No, a book journal. On paper.
Not Me: Oh. Does anyone read that?
Me: No, it's private. It's not online. It's just in this book that I keep at my desk.
Not Me: Why?

book term

We could go all retro and return to calling them 'pulp books' :) -JenP jpetroroy@gmail.com

How about just calling them

How about just calling them books. :)

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