E-books spell the end for publishers

A rise in the popularity of electronic books will spell the end for publishers, according to Toby Young, author of the bestselling How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Young claimed that the change will come about because the electronic format allows established authors to publish the books themselves.


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Yeah, because there's

Yeah, because there's nothing more appealing than a self-published book.

for Jeebus' sake

How many times do we have to hear the same tune with different words? Why do they keep publishing it? It's like the freelance writer's welfare program: X spells the death of Y in this here digital age environment Internets. Repeat with slight variants. Cash checks.


Lots of fun in the fine print

Young, "speaking as a spokesman" for the Sony Reader...

*Established* authors...

Keep 100% of the revenues... (which means setting up your own payment-handling and distribution system).

So a paid flack says that people who already have best-sellers could, maybe, if they want to become epublishers, keep more revenue. I'm impressed.

Oh, Chuck: As long as there are checks to be cashed and media outlets that like dramatic stories, this kind of crap will continue unabated. And, you know, most freelance writers make awful money, so maybe it's a good thing...

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