Ebooks Growth is Up, Both Traditional and Self-Published

In book news, a recent report shows that book publishers received nearly 23% of their revenues from sales of ebooks (versus paper books) during 2012. That’s up from 17% the year before. That comes from full-year data by the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The AAP includes 350 publishers, including large ones such as Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Harper Collins, as well as independents like Sourcebooks.


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Sales are up, growth appears to be down

As I read that article--and others recently--I think there's an error in interpretation: Ebook sales are up--but the rate of growth is down. As it would almost have to be. The good news: Overall book sales are up, and by a healthy percentage. (Throwing in dubious Pew figures doesn't really say much. Nobody knows what the eventual mix of ebook and print sales will be--except that it's increasingly bizarre to believe that it won't be a mix, one containing a LOT of print books.)

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