Furloughs for Hawaii's Libraries?

Like the rest of the nation, Hawaii's libraries are suffering in the economic downturn. The state public library system is considering several different options to deal with its shortfall. KGMB9 reports.

Instead of closing down five branches on the Big Island, Oahu and Maui, the state librarian (Richard Burns) is now proposing furloughs.

The plan includes anything between two and four furlough days a month, depending on the changing budget situation.

The state librarian also says he will leave 72 vacant positions unfilled.


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Re: Furloughs/Budget at Hawaii's Public Libraries Is a FRAUD

The news about Hawaii's public libraries on its' furloughs/ budget was not telling the real truth.
Hawaii is the only state that has a library monetary donation box on its' state income tax forms.
There is no public library advisory commission where advocacy and policies are recommended.
All policies regarding public libraries are initiated by the State Librarian and their administration.
The Hawaii Board of Education's Committee on Public Libraries is merely a rubber-stamp, bureaucratic processer.

could you please back up your assertion

with some documentation? Thank you anon.

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