Help the Gates Foundation decide how to spend money on libraries

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Headline gives you the concept click the link for full details.


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How to spend Gates' library money

Actually, while the survey does ask about it, there are huge assumptions which I know (from my daily work at a Reference Desk in a big city) are wrong.

There is a huge digital divide, and it is growing. If you infer from the questions asked, what Gates will do next won't even address the problem. The way the questions are worded assumes that this divide does not even exist.

I am even more disenchanted with the Gates Foundation than I ever have been.

Survey Monkey

I found it odd that the Gates Foundation was using Survey Monkey to do a survey.

Assumption in the survey

I used the comments box in question 7 to add a note about being a resource for those who, from learning style, as well as experience or training, are not skilled with online resources.

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