Houstonians set up underground libraries in response to book ban

Houstonians set up underground libraries in response to book ban
After learning about a law in Arizona that has gotten books about Mexican-American history banned from classrooms, a group of Houstonians responded by collecting over 1,000 of the banned books, packing them in cars and taking them in a caravan across Texas and New Mexico to Tucson, Arizona.

Known as “librotraficantes,” or book traffickers, a group led by Houston Community College professor and author Tony Diaz has taken it upon itself to help the students in Arizona to have access to the books that have been part of their school district’s curriculum for years.


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Why not put the books in the regular libraries?

I appreciate the collecting of quality books and providing them to students in order to give a variety of viewpoints of America and its history with other nations and peoples, but I dislike the "underground library" stuff. It somehow implies that the public and academic libraries are also censoring these viewpoints. Strong public library collections are the best defense against censorship.


I appreciate the service you guys provide, so I feel bad being too critical, but... linking to a site with an autoplay video (with audio)? Library foul.

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