IUPUI says sorry to janitor scolded over KKK book

A janitor whom a university official had accused of racial harassment for reading a historical book about the Ku Klux Klan on his break has gotten an apology — months later — from the school.

Charles Bantz, chancellor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, apologized to Keith John Sampson in a letter dated Friday, saying the school is committed to free expression.

"I can candidly say that we regret this situation took place," Bantz wrote.

Full story here.


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What an incredibly stupid situation

I'm glad Mr. Simpson got an apology, but he shouldn't have been reprimanded in the first place. I'm sure the person who lodged the original complaint didn't even know that the Klan also hated Catholics, Jews and lots of other groups. It sounds like no one found out any information about the book, they just looked at the cover picture and ran with the complaint. If I were an IUPUI student or almumae I'd be really ashamed of my school right now.

all he was doing was reading a book

Apparently the administration didn't take the time to find out what exactly he was reading. He has the right to read what he wants, especially on a break. Three cheers to the janitor for educating himself on this event.

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