Jay Leno Hates Libraries

Jay Leno Hates Libraries

"People here in Los Angeles are upset that the mayor's proposed plan to cut the budget of libraries. This could affect as many as nine people."


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library love

Who on TV has anything positive to say about libraries or librarians? Oprah has a book club...which is great, but has she ever acknowledged the support that libraries give her recommendations? Has Ellen ever danced with a librarian? Leno is one of the more negative comedians on TV, and if the more positive hosts don't acknowledge librarians...well, why should expect anything better from Leno?

Erm......the above

Erm......the above comment....did you not read the earlier comment about american illiteracy......??????


Let's hope they were trying to be ironic.


I think the real focus should be on the mayor...how many more police will he have to higher when the crime rate goes up due to the lowered literacy rates?
Librarian, OK

should have been 900,000 or more...

he just forgot to add the necessary 0's to that 9.

Deciding Jay Leno 'hates'

Deciding Jay Leno 'hates' libraries is jumping the gun a bit, don't you think?

He made a joke about libraries which was just that - a joke.

I think librarians who struggle to have a sense of humour about albeit erroneous perceptions of their profession will probably do more to reinforce that perception than any harmless joke.

Not good advertising

I know everyone in the US is illiterate, but do we have to advertise the fact?

He's a dick. Conan rules!

He's a dick. Conan rules!

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