Law School Library Used as Venue for Unrestrained Underwear Ads, Oh My...

Stylite and a ton of other publications report on the series of underwear ads photographed in the library of Brooklyn Law School. It apparently was 'understood' that the ads would be for Diesel Jeans, not their underwear line.

Brooklyn Law School was not pleased. More opinions from law students at CBS News.


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On a positive note use of the library is up 500,000%


We are as shocked and mortified as you must be by these photographs. Panties in a twist?

False Labels

The labels on the underwear about school teachers are nice, but where are the librarian specific underwear lables?

"Librarians are novel lovers"; "Librarians do it between the sheets"; "Check out the librarian tonight".

If you're gonna take photos in a library, support the librarians, as the underwear supports athletes. So to speak.

Did no one from the library

Did no one from the library or school stay on site during the shoot? If not, it is there own fault.

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