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I don't think you have any

I don't think you have any authority to speak about library school when you didn't help save your own local school, AndyW.


I'll take that under consideration, misinformed anonymous person.

So cynical it hurts

I don't get it. What's the down side?

So Funny!

This is great, thanks for putting it up! I lol'd for real. I am in library school.


I'm in library school and work as a graduate assistant, so I understand!

Love it! Some co-workers and

Love it! Some co-workers and I watched this today while we were at the Goldstein Library at Florida State University. We are all grad students and working at Goldstein, and we were practically on the floor in laughter! Thanks for the laughs, it's awesome! :)

Also, you missed the part about how librarians actually know how to party. You'd never believe it, but we've had cops called on our parties before! heh heh :D

Hilarious and interesting

LOL!! "Enjoy the cruising debt of student loans. Oh it hurts so good"!!

I still want to pursue this line of work because there is nothing else I'd rather do. Currently I am a junior and truly looking forward to this career field.

Professor provided link

This is hilarious! I just started grad school this fall and work in a public library (and every bad thing said in here is true). One of our professors provided the link to this clip. She thought it was hilarious, and so did the rest of us! Thanks!

Loved it...

"have you ever been shanked with a pair of safety scissors?" Bring on the gin and valium!

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