A Library Without Librarians Is Just A Bookstore

University of Western Ontario (UWO) librarians are still on strike.


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I appreciate the sentiment,

I appreciate the sentiment, but it's not fair to booksellers, many of whom are just as good at reader's advisory as librarians are, and often much better.

Librarians research, they do

Librarians research, they do not SELL books!

it's also offensive to all

it's also offensive to all the other people who work in the library. you know, the ones doing the same work without the credentials for less pay, recognition, respect...

It is just a set of

It is just a set of bookCASES. In a bookstore someone is ordering new material and helping people.

Not really a bookstore ~ more like a graveyard

I would say it's more like a graveyard of books since you would no longer have librarians to select books, compile bibliographies, offer instruction, and provide guidance to the collection.

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