Man sues publisher over Bible verses he finds offensive.

A man from Canton, Michigan has filed a lawsuit against two publishers because he finds works they have published offensive.
Bradley LaShawn Foster, the plaintiff, seeks sixty million dollars from Zondervan, and ten million dollars from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

Fowler, a blogger on the website *, is an outspoken advocate for gay rights. The filings are related to the references in the Bible regarding the verses that deal with homosexuality that Mr. Fowler finds objectionable.

Fowler has filed in the Eastern District of Michigan (2:08-cv-12889-JAC-MKM,) against Zondervan., and (2:08-cv-12572-JAC-MKM) against Thomas Nelson Publishing.

Mr. Fowler has asked that the Court appoint counsel for him as he is currently acting in pro per in both the Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishing filings. Mr. Fowler requests counsel because he is unable to afford counsel as he claimed in a court filing to be destitute.
Mr. Fowler is not unfamiliar with the Court as he was prosecuted in that same Court for Identity Fraud and Bank Fraud, the last docket entry for case 2:03-mj-80112 being a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Fowler.

The motivation behind these suits is perplexing. The complaint against one defendant seeks relief because different versions of its Bibles contained or did not contain the word homosexual which apparently caused great distress for Fowler.

In the other filing Mr. Fowler somehow feels the publisher's use of the term homosexual was the proximate cause of the rejection of Fowler's petition to join the Detroit Grand Lodge of the Masons.

Is Fowler seeking attention? Is he simply deluded? Reading the filings will allow us to draw our own conclusions. The Court noted in an order that it is unclear exactly what the plaintiff is requesting and why.

* N.B. the blog posts have recently been removed and the original source material is no longer available. It is interesting to note that Google site search does not provide any results when bradleyfowler (nor bradleyfowler is searched from the Google white bar, nor is there any current cache of at


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this just in

John Mark Ockerbloom was just voted the greatest name of any poster on LISNews.

LISNews web master "Blake" said "He just blew our Ockerbloomers off."

First Amendment

> When did we get rid of the First Amandment and outlaw offening people?

We didn't. But the First Amendment also includes the "right to petition the government for a redress of grievances", in this case by filing a petition for relief to the courts.

That right includes the right to file grievances which have no practical chance of being held up in court, such as this one. (There are *lots* of useless "in pro per"-- or "I'm not a lawyer, but I'll try to play one in court"-- cases filed every year. Generally speaking, the courts try to accommodate them as best they can, as long as the plaintiff can state a coherent complaint and isn't abusing the system. The media usually don't bother to report on them unless they find something particularly interesting in the filing.)

I don't understand

When did we get rid of the First Amandment and outlaw offening people?

...and I'm a blogger for LISNews...

just because I have some space where I can post stuff, it doesn't mean Blake stands by what I write.

also, wouldn't the publisher just argue that the Bible is the word of God, and they are only quoting Him: "take it up with God, Bradley."

Getting God to testify

The Bible publishers didn't write the offensive verses, they simply reported them. According to many, these verses are the very words or paraphrased ideas of God Almighty, and I'm not sure if any American court has jurisdiction over heavenly mandates of if our judicial writ is valid beyond the Pearly Gates.

Hmm. Issuing a supena to require God to come and testify would be an interesting concept. Where on earth could you get anyone to deliver it? And if delivered, how on earth can a heavenly being be compelled to appear?

The American tradition, of course, is to write a new version of the bible without any of the offensive items. Noah Webster did this when he took out all the bad words and profanity, and the American Bible Society did this when they dropped the Appocrypha from the Protestant Bibles (you can probably sue Zonderan for false advertising when they claim they have published many editions of the complete KJV of the Bible, but their copies are missing many words and books required by King James).

So, go ahead and good luck. I hope you don't get caught up in any "Fowler's knots" in your translation!

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

Oh say can you C?

"It is interesting to note that Google site search does not provide any results when bradleyfowler (nor bradleyfowler is searched from the Google white bar, nor is there any current cache of at"

Well, it's interesting, but probably not for the reason you think it is.

Why I think it is?

It is for the reason I think it is, I was typing Barak rather than Barack

I have a friend named Barak, and I mistyped the name.

You are exactly correct, I omitted the C.

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