Microsoft, ebooks, and friendly loggers

In 2000 Microsoft made a series of predictions about ebooks over the following 20 years. The prediction for 2012 includes an ad campaign by the logging industry that says, "Buy the real thing - real books printed on real paper."

See the full list of predictions here.


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paper books

In 2012, the book industry will launch a pro-paper ad campaign. Brass showed a parody ad, sponsored by the American pulp industry that promoted "Real Books from real trees for real people."

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Brass later acknowledged that his time line may be a bit aggressive.
"Maybe it's 30 years, 40 years, or 50 years from now, but we're not going to be printing on wood forever," he said.

[about the 1999 ereader: does this sound familiar?] "Brass highlighted a word and thanks to a link to a dictionary, was able to call up its definition with a right mouse click. He also demonstrated the software's easy-to-use navigation features, bookmark capabilities, and how readers can highlight electronic text. "

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