Yahoo adds RSS module to

kctipton writes "This link explains the details how to do it.

I recommend, if you like this sort of thing and use Yahoo anyhow, to create a new page and then add the RSS module to it. You can draw feeds from up to 25 separate sources and can configure what is displayed on the screen.

If you like RSS but don't like Yahoo, there are a lot of ways to read those feeds. Here's the ODP RSS newsreader category to see a representative sample of what's available."


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Add yourRSS Feed to My Yahoo!

If you offer an RSS feed, you can let your users add it to My Yahoo! with two clicks (one on your site, one on Yahoo!). Just create a link with the form of .rss.

I think I created a nice example of this for my day job at

There are a lot of My Yahoo users out there, and this is an easy way to convert them into regular readers of your RSS feed, without making them download and understand an aggregator.

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