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Bob Cox writes to make us aware of this nice blog: Information Literacy Weblog. Thanks!


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it was on lisfeeds

Oh, those bygone days, when I would read the information literacy weblog via lisfeeds :)It is a lovely blog, but it has been around for a while.


Yeah, I'm getting there, expect it to be back up and running this weekend. It's just been low on my priority list so far. LISFeeds shall rise from the dead.

The term "information literacy"

Following some links in the web log I ended up at "Metadata for World Development" conference and its list of resources, most either in Word or pdf. The paper by Conrad Taylor on "New kinds of literacy" where he analyzes the evolution of terms like media literacy, visual literacy and information literacy is especially interesting. Librarians particularly are credited (or blamed) for the metaphorical hijacking of the word literacy, he says.

Real literacy (in the original meaning of learning to read and write) is a skill that empowers one to create information sources, not merely consume them. The librarian's "information literacy" is a model that merely describes information acquisition.

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