GOOGLE - Latest Updates writes "Google Tests New E-mail GroupsOn the heels of filing to go public, Google Inc. on Wednesday began testing a new e-mail list service as the company continues to expand beyond basic Web search
Google to sell banner ads. Search engine giant Google plans for the first time to sell ads that include images, a surprise reversal for a company that has won regard for its pioneering use of text-only marketing pitches and for keeping its home page religiously free of banner advertising"


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some problems with it

A couple of notes on the banner ads thing. First, it will be a while before the average Joe views them. Advertisers (using AdWords) must first design and then submit the new graphics, assuming they even wish to do so. Also, there have been some discussions that Google is allowing very large ~40k images to be displayed. For those of us on broadband or something even faster, it is no big deal. For those running something slower, it will mean long load times.

Discussions about the AdSense end of things:

Discussions about the AdWords end of things:

I have changed the code on my site to allow this, I wonder if I will regret it.

Cashing out?

Am I the only one who thinks this whole Google business (the IPO, now graphical ads) stinks?

Google gets lots of positive press, but it seems like the company is changing radically. If the company hadn't announced the founders were getting a special class of stock (so they retain ownership), I would have guessed they were going to quit after they became billionaires, like Paul Allen did at Microsoft.

Re:some problems with it

40k? That would suck on my dial up connection at home. One good thing from this answer, sounds like they'll all be stored on google's servers. I'll just have to setup mozilla to block all images from where these are being stored. If that breaks my use of google image search, oh well.

I click on text ads probably 10x as often as banner ads or other images.

Re:Cashing out?

I guess it's a truism that companies change a great deal after going public, and I'm sure Google will as well. However, all the reporting on the Google IPO I've consumed suggests that the founders are structuring the IPO specifically with a view to retaining control over the company after going public. You note that the present owners hold a special class of stock conferring I believe 4x the voting rights as conventional shares. IIRC they are also selling the shares via auction rather than through the normal banking buddies' channels. If this lowers the proportion of shares held by large institutional investors, then it will also attenuate the influence of those large investors. We'll see what happens, won't we :)

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