One City, One Book and voting.

Omaha, Nebraska is starting a One City, One Book program called, Omaha Reads. The library nominating committee narrowed public nominations down to six finalists. The people of Omaha are being asked to vote for the final selection via a ballot that was in the newspaper or on the website. Has anyone heard of another city that actually had people vote for the final book in one of these programs?


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One City, one book, and voting

Silicon Valley Reads (covers Santa Clara County in California)has had community nominations and community voting, at least for the past few years.

Re:One City, one book, and voting

I noticed that the default vote is "Peace Like a River". Try as I may, I never could get into that book.

Re:One City, one book, and voting

I wouldn't call it a default vote it is just the first book in the list. It is default in that if you just hit vote without picking what you want you will be voting for the first book. All people need to do is click on the book they want.

Newspaper article

There is an article in the Omaha World Herald that gives some details about each book and discusses the program. The article always gives the viewpoint of a person that recommends each book.

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