HOTMAIL to offer 250MB Free writes "First Google with 1GB, then Yahoo with 100MB, Now, in a few days Hotmail will start offering 100MB FREE see eWeek For More on the new free email wars."


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Just look what Yahoo started

Excite email is offering 125MB of space soon, too. 10MB file attachments as well. Anyone else know of other free web based email services uping the ante for their users?

Another good huge account site... gives you 1 GB storage without needing an "invitation" and also has 100 MB webpage space and 250 MB photo storage. For free. I haven't found any major problems with them so far, though I only use them to stash large bulky files at for now. Haven't seen a spam in the 3 weeks or so I've had it either.


I get tons of spam at my Hotmail account and almost none at my Yahoo account. Neither address have I given out to anyone but friends. I receive 20-30 spam a day at Hotmail and maybe 2 a month at Yahoo. More hard drive space at Hotmail is just more room to store Spam.

Hotmail deletes saved email.

What about that practice of hotmail deleting your saved email ?...You have to use the hotmail account frequently or your saved email is deleted within a too limited period of time.

Re:Hotmail deletes saved email.

Hotmail says 'Exception from the 30-day Hotmail inactivity policy', make of that what you will.I'm on the pay deal with them so looking forwards to this 2gb of space. Bit of a con before as they now include the space spam takes up in your storage space which they didn't use to.

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