Bloggers: The New Pamphleteers

Here's an article from the New York Times, by Alan Wolfe that compares modern day weblogs to "the pamphleteers of bygone eras. While the method of delivery may be new, the idea is anything but.

"Whether or not you can tell a book by its cover, you can generally tell a country by its books. If most political books are any indication, the way we argue now has been shaped by cable news and Weblogs; it's all ''gotcha'' commentary and attributions of bad faith. No emotion can be too angry and no exaggeration too incredible. Yet if the technologies used by bloggers and hardballers are new, the form is older than the Republic." Read More.


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Old Idea

Bricklin Wrote on this a couple years ago. It's a really neat idea though. It's also been written about Here (that's a summary I did) and some Thoams Payne thoughts that seem to fit.

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