Iowa Bookmobile To Detour Past Skate Park

In an effort to reach out to middle and high school kids in Ames, tomorrow the library bookmobile will popover to the town's skate park and try to enhance the kids to skid to a stop and read.

Librarian Kay Marner has worked with younger staff members to choose skater-friendly music such as Nirvana, Metallica, Beastie Boys and Smashing Pumpkins. They've gathered DVDs of famed skater Tony Hawk and books on extreme sports. Marner said, "We're shooting for what we think the kids would like."


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Skater mags

Great idea. I hope they're equipped with some magazines too. As the parent of a (former) skater, I can tell you that it's all about the magazines. Thrasher, Slap, Transworld -- there are others, but those are the ones my son (and his skater buddies -- who, unlike him, didn't seem to read much else) pored over religiously.

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