The Zines of Summer

NPR Took A Look at Zines, as part of the summer reading series. They interview Jamez Terry and Kelly Costello. Last December, they founded the Denver Zine Library, a collection of almost 5,000 independently produced mini-magazines, or "zines." Zine creators sometimes sign their work with a one-name handle (like a first name or nickname) or a pseudonym.

I am reminded of COWLZ, Walt's project.


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Zines and COWLZ

If it's "Walt's project," it's doomed...because I have neither the skills nor the time to make it such a project. The huge number of responses to the journal posting isn't terribly encouraging either. (The absence of evidence isn't necessarily evidence of absence, but it's a useful hint at times!)

I'm becoming uncomfortably aware that "Zines" these days seems to be used more-or-less exclusively for the kind of things this article refers to. I use it as a label for Cites & Insights based on the older meaning from the science fiction fan universe. I think it fits that much broader meaning; I don't think it fits what seems to be the dominant meaning these days. Maybe I need a new label? (I could go back to "newsletter" but I still think that's just wrong.)

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