How Ken Jennings Does it On Jeopardy

The family tuned in to Jeopardy! this Labor Day, ready and willing to watch Ken-Jen (Ken Jennings, 30, of Salt Lake City, UT) be bested by another contestant this evening...but once again (for the 39th time), he has prevailed.

We've now discovered his secret ...HIS MOTHER IS A LIBRARIAN.

Friend and former Brigham Young University roommate Earl Cahill said "He's just smarter, and there is not some magic pill you can take that will make you like him".

Jennings says he doesn't know his IQ, and his mother won't reveal it. But she says that when he was tested as a pre-kindergartner, it was off the charts. Jennings also won't share his precise SAT score — he says only that it was between 1500 and a perfect 1600.

More on Ken and how he has become a millionaire plus on ABC's TV show Jeopardy! from USA Today.

UPDATE: Rumors of the end of a swell run at


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Good Line

I liked this line from the article when Ken was asked what his secret is:

The secret is just to spend a whole lifetime being curious and interested in the sum of human knowledge.

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